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current-each- - 2017-11-09
In response to Re AVOID VipKids (Concerned FT)

I have read through many of the responses in this thread and wanted to give some highlights from my experience that truly talks about the good, the bad, and the horribly bad.

I have been with VIPKID for 7 months and signed my first contract in April of this year. The interview process was the standard, interview/trial class, mock 1, and mock 2. I had about a year's worth of TEFL experience as well as a TEFL certification. For the interview I watched a ton of youtube videos of what to do and what not to do in your trial and mock. I wore an orange shirt and purchased some cheap props from the dollar store. This was unlike any interview process I'd ever been through. Their standards for preparedness is almost ridiculously high. Luckily, I did not have any horrible experiences expressed by others in this thread. My trial was done by someone in a call center. While this was distracting, a youtube that I watched and a blog that read gave me a head's up that this is probably how the first interview would go. My mock 1 and mock 2 proctors gave consistent feedback and I followed up with emails. Based on the below comments, many of you are super qualified and I am surprised that you did not get hired.

Here comes the bad. After getting hired in April, I received 1 booking about two weeks out. After that class, I received 2 more classes about a week out from the first. I forgot to check my schedule and was a no-show for my 2nd class. Not a good way to start! What happens when you're a no-show you ask? Well parents are able to scroll through pictures of teachers and "Favorite" the profiles that they like this most. (This is how you get followers) When you're a new teacher, your profile appears close to the top of the list to help you get booking and followers. I believe the freshdesk/sales team also helps you get bookings in the beginning to get the ball rolling. WHEN YOU ARE A NO-SHOW, EVEN IF YOU ARE NEW, your profile drops from the top of the profile list and goes somewhere near the bottom. So a mental picture for those who've read this far, I had 0 followers and my profile was essentially at the bottom of the list. After a certain amount of time, they either reorganize the list or the no-show doesn't affect your placement anymore and your profile goes back up. Due to my no-show early-on, I did not get booked for classes the entirely of May and June. I got like 2 classes in July. My bookings did not start to pick back up until the start of the school year in August/ September. I contacted Fresh desk several times and basically got an empty response and advice to take workshops and level certifications. During this time, I got certified to teach level 1 and 5...all while getting no bookings.

Now for the horrible. NO ONE is lying when they say that VIPKID's cancellation policy is unreasonably strict. While they try to make it seem like they are flexible for emergencies, they are not. If you ever have an emergency situation, you literally have to mentally calm yourself and contact a fireman or Fresh desk immediately to let them know that you will need to cancel classes. Two weeks ago, I had a serious medical emergency. I was in and out of the emergency room and doctor's offices. I'm sorry but my first thought while I was in the hospital was not "Oh, I better contact VIPKID to let them know that I'm in the hospital". Long story short, I had to cancel over 8 classes that week and had several teacher 2h no shows, because you're not really able to cancel classes in advance for medical reasons because you need a doctor's note to go along with your cancellation. I ended up having to send them all of my emergency room discharge paperwork, all of the doctor's notes from my many appointments, the procedure receipts that I was able to get, and proof of payment for the procedures. All in all, completely outrageous. So far, I have no been let go and have continued getting bookings but I will have to argue to change my finish types for this month so that they don't hurt my record.

While, I didn't go into the specific curriculum, I can say that some students receive it well while others need something much much more interactive. All in all VIPKID is a company where you apparently have to take the good with the horribly bad. Eventually, you get regular students and you honestly just want to stay with the company to continue teaching them. I don't intend on leaving the company but after my emergency situation, I do regard it with an appropriate amount of skepticism.

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