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#1 Parent Training center goon - 2018-03-29
Re E-connect, Vietnam

You write in defense of an infamous training center. E-connect even seems to be one of the worst you can find in Vietnam. The owners of such superfluous set-ups are parasites of society with all their lies, disorganized management, incompetence in teaching and education and lacking business ethics. They are not only in Vietnam, a nation with a culture so different from the West; they also exist in the West where they basically do the same and are guilty of several crimes. Tax evasion, for example, is one of them. The teachers that you blame have all good reasons in the world to publicly blame and shame them! You have no credibility whatsoever. And now go back to the classroom in your dear training center and play the white monkey to entertain the sweet Vietnamese kids whose parents you rip-off with your exorbitant fees while you deliver nothing! It's time for monkey show!....Hahahahahahahahhahahhahahahaha

There are some people who had a habit of being unimpressed with anything (Literally anything). When you come to a foreign country you should expect some differing views and systems. I have a feeling that there are disgruntled ex teachers here. These forums tend to be one-sided because it's usually the people who want to tarnish a companie's name who find the time to post on here.
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