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#1 Parent Observer - 2018-03-29
Re PELCC Perlandas Harris and Fenny - China ESL Recruiting Scam - STAY AWAY!

They have been known for a while... For example, see link below from 2011

They ALMOST Got Me - 2018-03-29
PELCC Perlandas Harris and Fenny - China ESL Recruiting Scam - STAY AWAY!


I concur with the negative information here about Perlandas Harris and Fenny. They are scam artists, even now in October 2017 as I write this. Here is my story with these two assholes. I live in the U.S. and was looking for teaching jobs in China. I apply on some ESL sites and Fenny eventually emails me. We talk about the position but she never tells me which school I will be working at. Fenny wants me to first get my college degree and criminal background check notarized and authenticated before I even have an interview, which is different than most other schools. Fenny tells me that Mr. Harris can give me a good deal for the notarization and authentication services and to send all of my documents to him, the good deal being a $550 USD fee! Perlandas Harris wants this paid through some random PayPal link only. His website is:, which is a site full of bullshit and phony stock photos of random professionally looking people. I will find out later that Perlandas Harris makes many fake business websites then shuts them down after he scams people. The website says Mr. Harris is in Washington DC, well, so am I! I call him and offer to meet him in person, but he seems reluctant to meet me, and never tells me his first name (sign of a drug dealer). The number on his website was 1-844-866-4622, which gets forwarded to his cell phone meaning he could be anywhere in the world! I go to the DC office listed on the website (1629 K St. NW, Suite 300) and it is filled with other small offices. The ladies at the front desk say Mr. Harris is never there but I can leave things in his mailbox.

I get Mr. Harris’s first name, Perlandas, and do a Google search for "Perlandas Harris and Fenny China". I see that Perlandas Harris and Fenny have been scamming people from Hong Kong, to China, to the U.S. for over 12 years! They make the foreign teachers they recruit pay them half of their teaching salary and other crazy fees! I immediately retrieve my package from Perlandas’s DC office; it was just my degree, copy of my background check, and a letter I signed, but I got it back. I never paid these two any money, so I did not lose anything thank goodness. Later I email and WeChat Fenny and Perlandas and call them out on their scam. They never reply back, but Fenny immediately blocks me on WeChat and removes me from her recruitment group.

Below are photos of this Bonnie & Clyde duo. The first photo is Perlandas Harris, and on the right is a screen shot of his profile from On the bottom left of the photo is a screenshot of Fenny’s WeChat profile at the time, where her WeChat ID name is pure gibberish (wxid_ymv9wych8j3u22), something she can delete when she needs to. She tells me she does not know the real name of “Mr. Harris”, but has photos of herself and this Perlandas Harris in her profile.



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