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John539 - 2018-03-29

I made the mistake of taking a job at Elite International School in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They neglected to tell me it was a Turkish school - not Mongolian. The administrators and anyone with power at the school is a Turkish man. The women there are expected to follow extremely modest dress in-line with Muslim clothing requirements for women. I have no problem with any religion, but it makes it extremely difficult to work at a school where the Director or the Principals will not look you in the eye because you are a woman.

You will be cheated on your visa, payment, and so many other things. It makes me sad to see my fellow teachers cheated out of so many things to the extent that at least one cries each day.

Beware "shared" accommodations. Make them specifically change your contract to say "private" accommodations or you will be stuck in an apartment with 4 other women. The Turkish administrator's favorite will be given control over your apartment and you will not even be allowed to have a key to your own bedroom. Many of their family will cram into the apartment where you have no privacy or safety.

You will be given far more work than you signed on for in your contract. They will find every reason to cheat you out of money on your pay day. The students treat you horribly because they know that the education system is so corrupt, as long as their parents pay, they will still pass.

The food in the school gives both teachers and students food poisoning. Most of the teachers are Turkish or Mongolian. They are supposed to teach classes in English, but they can barely speak English much less teach a subject in it. All they want is the money.

You will be pressured and/or forced to work at least 6 days a week most of the time while having to worry each month if they will even pay you correctly. I've seen people's visas get so messed up by the school that foreign teachers were pulled into immigration holding areas until the fees were paid. The school does not care.

PLEASE avoid this school at all costs. Many teachers who come there on a work visa are not allowed to leave the country unless the schools sends Mongolian immigration a letter allowing them to get an exit visa. It is like being in prison.

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