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#1 Parent tex - 2017-09-25
Re SCAM: Online Teaching with Meiyumama/Qingcheng Education

Sorry to hear that! Many of us dream of living on a beach and teaching on line.

Cynthia Teacher - 2017-09-24
SCAM: Online Teaching with Meiyumama/Qingcheng Education

I was contacted by the owner of Meiyumama, Koki, via LinkedIn (their website has a different name: Qingcheng Education; I guess they might have changed their name). The owner is Japanese and he works in the online English learning industry in China; he doesn't have great English or Chinese, so I'm not sure how he got a bunch of investors to give him money to run his failing business >:( After our initially interview, he said and wrote that I'd be getting paid $30 per lesson. Turns out that was a lie.

My first payment was late, the following paychecks were late, and the last paycheck before I quit was nearly 3 weeks late. After I quit I never received my last paycheck. Two weeks after my last paycheck was late, I messaged and called them (the owner and the accountant), but I was ignored. Finally, I contacted the Academic Director, who is American and living in America not China, she was able to talk some sense into them, and they finally contacted me--this was nearly one month after I first contacted them about my last paycheck! They said I wasn't being paid for the hours I taught because I broke a "contract" THEY had with the students. I DID NOT have a contract with THEM and I was NEVER told about this supposed rule, a rule I'm pretty sure they made up as an excuse to not pay me.

The owner took pride in the fact that created a "different kind of company" (as he called it), a company that cared about those less fortunate in the rural parts of China, yet he doesn’t care how he treats his own employees...hypocrite! Not paying people for the work they’ve already done is WRONG! And Koki (sometimes Kouki) Misawa and his Accountant/PR/Lawyer person, 盛辉 (English name: Shawn), are both frauds! This is the URL to the website: Here's the URL to their LinkedIn page:

Make sure to avoid them!

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