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#1 Parent Adam - 2018-09-18
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

Thanks for the info on the missing AC. That alone tells me all I need to know about the school, a miserable place to teach. I bet the principal has AC in his office.

#2 Parent Melyssa - 2018-09-04
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

These are absolute lies. As a current teacher at Lincoln, I can assure you that these are undoubtedly founded upon absolutely no factual events. This school has been nothing but an amazing experience. Truthfully, the Chinese teachers are always such great help. The family unit of the staff makes coming to work an enjoyable experience. The curriculum does take a little bit of time to work through at the very beginning. There is quite a lot of material for the teacher to cover since it follows american public schools textbook and content. However, everyone is VERY helpful and will guide you through it. They will assure that you are comfortable with the work and will answer any and all questions, they will even sit with you while you do your work for easier access to help. The working opportunity is great for foreigners especially considering Chiayi is an extremely friendly city, and easy access to bigger cities on the weekends. I am truly enjoying my time, and I have even recommended and had friends come to teach here and also love the experience. I am truly appalled by this comment above, since your comment is simply a whole lie. If you are considering teaching at lincoln, i recommend you contact the current foreign teachers there such as myself to get an accurate representation and review of the school.

#3 Parent Travis - 2018-03-29
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review
#4 Parent Catherine - 2018-03-29
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

There is a teacher that just quit at Lincoln American school without notice. Get real. This school is a garbage can. You must have gotten paid really well to write that post because they are currently looking for teachers. The current ones hate this dump and want to fly home. This school will ruin the experience of Taiwan for you. It will ruin teaching for you. Long hours and a shitty curriculum. The only school I know that doesn't use AC, just shitty fans. Do yourself a favor and listen to the rumors. Don't let your friends or family work at this school. If you ask your recruiter for advice don't listen. They will probably lie and tell you this is a good opportunity. It's not. If your recruiter even offers this school as an option you need to get a new recruiter. Lincoln American school is NOT a serious school. They are inconsistent and truly have no vision for the students. They just pretend like they give a shit. Students level up regardless of bad test scores or or constant misbehavior. So you have students in advanced classes that do not need to be there. The learning gap is ridiculous. Harris Ho cuts corners anywhere he can.. The textbooks are terrible and outdated and if you are a serious teacher you will find yourself buying your own books and doing your own planning. Which is exauhsting when you are already required to work long hours. This school needs to shut down but the only way for that to happen is for teachers to refuse to work there. This is a very hard school to work for. They do not make it easier for foreign teachers.

#5 Parent Wumao Basha - 2018-03-29
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

Obviously a Lincoln ''wumao'' being paid to promote the dead president school.

#6 Parent Emily - 2018-03-29
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

I am truly shocked and appalled by all of the inaccurate and outlandish rumors posted on this page. As a former teacher at Lincoln American School in Chiayi, Taiwan who was actually present and actively teaching during portions of the time frame listed below, I can assure you that none of these rumors are valid. The school is entirely safe and the staff is composed of hard working, professional individuals dedicated to providing a quality education to the many wonderful students who choose to attend Lincoln. The director himself is one of the most honorable and kind gentlemen I have known and he always took care of his staff. I enjoyed working at Lincoln so much I actually extended my contract because I wasn't ready to say goodby to such a fulfilling institution. I feel sorry for those who did not give Lincoln a chance because for me, the opportunity to teach here changed my life for the better. It saddens me that someone would take the time to bash the school on the internet without any base in reality as these rumors could keep future generations of teachers from experiencing all of the joys that Lincoln, it's staff, it's students, and the beautiful country of Taiwan have to offer. Teaching at Lincoln American School was one of the best decisions I ever made.

#7 Parent former teacher - 2018-03-29
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

As a former teacher at Lincoln American School, I can assure you that this is a great academic institution. No one died, no drug deals happened, and no bodies were found in a suitcase. There are many rumors about Lincoln, but I am not sure why because nothing suspicious or bad happens there. The director of the school, Harris Ho, is a great person who treats his employees really well. He personally took me and my coworkers on many vacations, and always made sure his teachers were healthy and happy. Lincoln has a great ESL program and the students love being there and learning. I would definitely recommend Lincoln to prospective students and to prospective teachers. These rumors have got to stop!

#8 Parent I have heard many a story about this place - 2016-04-25
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

I have heard a lot about this school, not one word of it good! In July 2015, an American ESL teacher fell to his death from the roof top of the building. Apparently his death was being investigated as, suspicious. This investigation is still on going today!! Also, in 2009 a Canadian ESL teacher was arrested for dealing cocaine out of the school!!! He was seized with what local police said was a significant amount of drugs. It was rumored that the school was a front for an organized crime operation involving Hong Kong and Japan! As if this wasn't enough, the body of an American teacher was found in a suitcase in 2010! The body was not found on the school's grounds, but the dead teacher was employed by the school and had expressed his intention to leave. It all sounds very suspect to me!!!!! Conspiracy theories at the ready!

#9 Parent - 2016-03-22
Re Lincoln American School, Taiwan - ESL school review

If you are a professional teacher, or attractive, with a wholesome personality, and serious about teaching, you will be rejected in the negative "club" or "evil society" at Lincoln American School. One teacher is literally trying to get out of the contract alive. The head teacher seems to be a tranny gatekeeper with an obscure agenda. Someone should say something to protect lives that may be at risk. An incident happened outside of the school, so strange, that possibly the head teacher and other English teachers at Lincoln American may be in the business of kidnapping, or Satanic sacrifices. This needs to be told to prevent any violence, or abductions of innocent American teachers or innocent students in the future. A teacher from Chicago behaves like a psychopath. Psychopaths do not like teachers who have healthy lifestyles, or who are professional and love teaching because they do not have the ability to feel empathy or love. The psychopath is teamed up with a violent and androgynous African American who hates the respectful white Hispanic teacher, for no reason, other than the fact that many African Americans have been brainwashed to hate white Hispanics. If you hate Hispanics, by the way, you still should not be on the side of the violence that gives teachers in general a bad name, and that may affect anyone, including you. Harris Ho seems like a nice guy on the surface, but he appears to be manipulated by the psychopaths that are controlling his school. The beautiful mountains surrounding Chiayi City, to some, may not be appreciated for its natural beauty, but for a place to hide their abductions.

#10 Parent Albie - 2015-08-02
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

Taiwan is a safe country, and although most Americans have professional standards, a group of Americans in Taiwan, who like Leonard Bernstein put it, are "psychologically sick", and are controlling and very envious of responsible teachers who stick to the employment rules, and who are exceptionally experienced.

So, instead of focusing on the positive and healthy things in Taiwan and in life, they slander, which is not only against the law, but the same group of Americans pretend to be Christians, and slandering is diabolical. Harris Ho is a fair businessman, and quite generous. Some Americans know that it is illegal in Taiwan to work two jobs without the legal authorization. WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IS THAT SOME AMERICANS DO NOT ABIDE BY THE RULES, and work two jobs, and then point a finger at Harris Ho, when in fact, they should point a finger at themselves.

The teacher who unveiled another teacher who is dishonest and who belongs to the group of slanderers is harassing the honest teacher. The slandering teacher pretends that she is a Christian, and God will make this slandering teacher pay for being so evil to a teacher who is very professional, good looking, athletic, who leads a healthy lifestyle, and minds "their" own business. If you do not like it when people slander your brother or someone in your family, do not do it to anyone else, because YOU ARE ONLY SLANDERING AND HURTING YOURSELF.

The students at Lincoln American School really do learn, and Jesus has protected Harris Ho and his school, and Jesus protects the teacher who unveiled all the false accusations and character assassination coming from teachers who DO NOT HAVE EMPATHY AND LOVE in their hearts for their fellow Americans, for students, for their professions, or for anything or anyone else.

#11 Parent jen - 2011-06-10
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

We live in Colorado and are currently visiting my family in Chiayi. I was going to put my three girls in Lincoln but came across your post. Can you tell me what happened?

Thank you very much.


#12 Parent michael ranieri - 2009-02-28
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

At the end of February, 2009 a VERY bad situation has taken place at Lincoln American School in Chiayi, Taiwan. As it has not been fully resolved, anyone considering working there should attempt to do some research about this sad, sad incident.

#13 Parent Tara Powers - 2008-06-26
Re: Lincoln American School - ESL school review

Mike, I couldn't agree more! My boyfriend and I taught there 2006-2007 and it was horrible. The unorganized, lack of effort and cheating was astounding! A teacher can find much better schools in Chiayi. While there we learnt that only the worst of the schools advertise online - the good ones are pulling from the pool of teachers already there. I can't imagine Harris Ho will have this school for much longer.

Mike - 2005-06-10
Lincoln American School, Taiwan - ESL school review

I would like to warn anyone who plans to work for Lincoln American School. I worked at this school and worked hard. The owner Mr. Harris Ho is only out for himself and will try his best to cheat you.

I have worked in a lot of different countries and I had the worst experience in this school. I am not an upset worker, I am a hard worker who does not like someone cheating them and that is what Mr. Harris Ho will do to someone who works for him. I worked for this school for one year and in that year, 5 workers ran off and didn't finish their contract. I stayed and completed my contract under good faith.

Lincoln American School is a place that doesn't spend much on resources and it is a shame to see how working parents are throwing their money away at this school.

There are a lot of wonderful schools in Taiwan and the country and people are wonderful...Please look hard for a school that really cares for its students and workers...

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