Joe DeFrancesco - 2018-03-29
In response to Re VIPKIDS (FTinPRC)

Your experience is nothing like what I have been experiencing for a company called JiuQu English since June 2017. Most students are progressing and I am learning so much from them as I teach them English and motivate them to do well in many areas of life including school. Coaching them through developing a strategy to determine their interests and then helping them develop a hunger and love for learning to aspire for a more meaningful life has been very rewarding. After 30 years selling medical equipment for some of the biggest companies in the world and getting my five children on an independent path towards adulthood this teaching gig is a beautiful second career. I also work part time as a children's librarian in Madison CT and my life could not be better. So my experience is the polar opposite to your statement that a language school's sole purpose is to extract money from parents.

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