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#1 Parent Me - 2018-03-29

They recruit in the UK and Ireland via a company called Estute Education. This outfit will tell you anything to get your signature on the contract! Stay clear of ADVETI, IAT and Estute Education!

#2 Parent From my phone - 2018-03-29

I worked at this dump for five miserable years! I really cannot think of one single positive comment to make about ADVETI. I was sent to the Al Reef campus, a cockroach infested toilet in the Shahama area of Abu Dhabi. The students were a nightmare, I have never in all my career met such rude, ill informed, arrogant, disrespectful idiots!

The Arabs who run this pit always side with the students, listening to the same lies they tell over and over again. The Emirati managers are all inbred, feckless idiots with little to no formal education who are put in positions of great power and paid 60k a month to sit on the fat backsides and constantly find fault in the expat teachers.

The expats who are highered as senior site coordinators and lead teachers are all brown nosing, two faced back stabbing goons who will gladly throw any teacher under the bus to save their own skins. Added to this, ADVETI seem to think it is perfectly reasonable to higher none native English speakers to work as lead teachers. It is crazy to see Bosnian lead teachers bumbling and shouting their way through contrived lectures with no student centered or task centered practice.

In short, ADVETI is a terrible company managed by disrespectful Emiratis and brown nosing, two face expatriates. You will not receive what you were promised in your interview and do no expect your bonus as ADVETI will refuse to pay it.

#3 Parent Al Dawood - 2018-03-29

This sham should be hit by one of the Saudi war planes flying over to Yemen on a regular basis!

From my phone - 2018-03-29

Beware of this company. They are lying, deceiving crooks who are as corrupt as the day is long. They have lied to me over and over, withheld salary, not paid housing or visas and offered no support or advice what so ever! In short, ADVETI are as bad, if not worse than I was originally told by exstaff members. Terrible company, terrible country and terrible people. Stay clear of ADVETI and the UAE as a wholešŸ˜”

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