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#1 Parent Whistle Blower - 2019-03-12
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

If a higher educational institution brings up local future generations in such ways as you have described, the school does not deserve to have any foreign teachers whatsoever.

#2 Parent Anonymous - 2019-02-21
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

Hey there,
Salary payment is fair. I will say that. However your experience living there day to day is not. The main issue is the management, particularly the foreign teacher liaison and other administrative figures working in for the Foreign Languages department. This is also true of Business, and Tourism departments as we had friends teaching in those as well. The administration sees foreign guests and employees as more of an inconvenience than welcome members of the faculty. We were belittled, blatantly ignored, and treated like an all around nuisance regularly. Many of us were brought to tears by the rude way people treated us at the college, and honestly didn't have a much better experience with the community as a whole. There seems to be a very strong "outsiders are NOT welcome" vibe here. Even some of our students coming from the mainland said the same thing. They never felt welcome here and couldn't wait to leave. If I were doing it all over again, regardless of pay of tropical environment I would NOT TEACH HERE.

#3 Parent ndahura - 2018-03-29
Re inquiry about hainan foreign language college

thank you for your review, its helpful.kindly email me on for a few inquiries especially about finding part time work as a student, thanks

#4 Parent Manipulative college - 2018-03-29
Re inquiry about hainan foreign language college

There are hundreds if not thousand places you can get scholarship to study mandarin, why come to this shit place?

The local teachers teaching you are at their 40's-50's and they are using the out-fashioned rigid way to teach. I've not seen any one improves their Mandarin significantly after staying here. You will see a few Russians, 10 plus Cambodians and Indonesians as foreign students coming to learn Mandarin, that's all. All of them are here for the free scholarships, had the college not providing one will ever come for sure.

I'm finishing my contract as a foreign teacher here and I strongly urge anyone who wishes to come here either to work or to study...please stay clear of this college. China is so huge, why choose this remote college with lousy management? Find a better college, it's not hard. Also, this college is very claims to have an area of 600 Mu (6 Mu= 1 acre). But this claim is misleading because they are counting in the bush opposite the college as a compound. That patch of land is indeed designated by the government as college's boundary, but what's the point if it is thick bush with no access? The real area is 60% of what they claimed...So, you need to strectch your imagination how 6000+ students and 300+teachers with their families..making it easily 7000 people living in an area of 60acres. Thus, every where you turn you'll see buildings..and you'll just bump in with your students all the time...for everyone just live in such a close proximity. Also noise pollution is a BIG BIG matter here..local honk non stop when riding motorbike or driving car...crazy.

For foreigners who consider to work here, let me write down the exact clause the management always manipulate.

Article 3. Job Adjustment
Party A (college) has the right to adjust the job responsibilities of Party B (you) according to Party A's needs and Party B's capabilities and performance, to which Party B should agrees.

So, when an English Oral teacher flees...this guy will call you and ask you to teach English, despite you signed a contract of other language. When you refused, he will say you signed the contract of 16 periods and the Article 3 says....So, you are only safe, if you don't no English or very lousy English. Otherwise, you risk being trapped by this clause.

Plenty folks have wrote down their experiences working here, if you still decide to come, fingers-crossed.....really need the best of luck.

#5 Parent ndahura - 2018-03-29
inquiry about hainan foreign language college

i recently applied for a scholarship at hainan foreign language college through an agency and the person is great and i trust him to help me secure it, however, i need to do some checks and i want to know if you have a contact i can reach at the school when i get accepted to confirm if it is real

#6 Parent Joseph - 2018-03-29
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

That's clearly a leadership problem. You will find such problems with schools more than once, not only in Hainan, if it is a school does not do too well.

#7 Parent Manipulative college - 2018-03-29
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

I worked there before. It will be interesting if any of the foreign teachers of year 2014 write something here...what happened to them back then ?! Why all of them left? 100%!

The guy in charge of hiring (the one contacting you) seems to be very treacherous and always manipulating contract signed. This is especially so if you are there to teach any other languages than English, yet you are conversant in English. When an English teacher suddenly ran away after much forbearance (which happens all the time), he will come to you for you speak English and order you to cover classes that are doing without English oral teacher now, even though you signed the contract as a German Oral teacher.

The contract you signed is 16 periods German a week and because they are having only small intake each year (brilliant students shun this college), you will have less than 16 periods to teach, just like other smaller languages apart from English which is always full to the brim. Since now that you're having only , say 12 periods per week, he will demand you to take up English classes to make it up to 16 periods !Totally ignoring you signed for a German teacher,not English! He will say 16periods is what stipulated in the contract and you must comply...Thus, you'll be a dumb arse in front of other teachers who are still idling their time with < 12 periods. You perform extra donkey job without extra pay.

Out of 19 of us, if i'm not mistaken 13 discarded that college either prematurely or by the end of the contract. Four Americans left prematurely because of health issues. A Czech guy performed a major surgery which required general anesthesia and a lady from Europe contracted Cancer after one year of working there. However i'm unsure of whether those cases have anything to do with the environment there or not.

#8 Parent Pls think twice before you come here - 2018-03-29
DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

Generally in this college, other small languages like Indonesian,Vietnam, Thai...etc, foreign teachers there are having rather peaceful life, spared by the management.

However, if you're teaching English, which every year they required minimum 9-10 foreigners, prepare to embrace for the 'excitement'. The turn around rate is > 70%, meaning English teachers normally opt to leave....some by the end of their contract, some a month or even a week after coming here.

If you're from USA , the school has special perks and privileges for you. They will arrange you for English classes off campus where you'll have a tea session with kids sent by their parents to see you performing. They pay Yuan 180 per head to see you for 2 hours with 40+ other kids. Well, you get this off record money in your pocket tax free...because you are from the States and you have that accent the whole China yearned for. Sadly, if you do not belong to USA, they'll put you in plenty extra classes, trainnings....even if you've exceeded 16 periods. They do pay you, but not monthly for your extra, when they pay it's in a bulk of 2-3 months. This spurs your tax rate to 20-25% because you're receiving them in a grand sum. Really dejecting , despite numerous attempts raising the issues. As always, they will say, " we paid you!"

There is this guy in charge for hiring foreigner. My humble opinion is, from what i observed so far, almost all who left prematurely had fight with him. Some cried, some shouted, some just adopt ' i fxxk care now, i'll leave ASAP'. For those who had dispute with him and left before fulfilling the contract, he will report you to the immigration and you will be banned from entering China, for likely 5 years. Even though it may be the case that you left because the school bleached the contract (e.g. pay you a few days late or put you to teach classes not your major yet not paying you), as long as you leave without paying the USD2k penalty and given them 2months notice ahead, he will make sure you can't enter China for years to come. Cunning and treacherous...he doesn't seem to pay any heed to your dissatisfaction, as long as the leader is ok with him, what you feel is of no importance at all.

However, if you are here to teach any other languages but English, life here is rather peaceful. Some new languages have only 3-4 students and you teach for 4-6 periods a week ! Mind that Spanish, Russian, French, Portugese ,Japanese and Korean are having about 20 students in a class. English classes are averagely 30-40 students.

There is only 1 KFC here. Starbucks/ MacD are 65km away in Haikou..cheese could be hard to come by here.

Students are of the lowest level...this is a vocational college wholly owned by goverment (main reason why they're so bureaucratic here). Diploma offered here, not Bachelor degress..

I've shared what i reckon useful for people who might be considering coming here. Good luck!

#9 Parent anonymous - 2018-03-29
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

I taught at this school for a number of years, and, for the most part, it was a pleasant experience. Our housing was quite nice, the Chinese admin and fellow teachers were kind and considerate, the students were lovely - not highly motivated academically, but very friendly and ready to be of assistance. What I noticed is the foreign teachers that developed friendly relationships with the waiban and admin (for instance, going out to tea occasionally, visiting when encountering on campus, etc.) had a smooth experience. Some foreign teachers had more adversarial experiences, or only bothered the foreign affairs officer or admin when they needed something, and their experience was less satisfactory. The work load was reasonable and not heavy - compared to what is expected at other institutions (I taught for several years at 2 Chinese universities in addition to this school). For the most part we were paid on time, and the pay was comparable to other colleges in Hainan; a bit lower than some unis on the mainland, but not when you consider the light workload. For instance, you might have 16 hours to teach, but at least half of those would be the same class, same book, just with different students, so not much time in prep time each week. That being said, at the time that we left, there were some changes in administration that seemed a bit ominous to me, and, in fact, when coming back to visit, the former Dean told me we were correct to be concerned. However, since that time there's been another change in admin which I believe is for the positive (I still keep in touch with admin, Chinese teachers and former students).

Foreign teachers were mostly housed in new apartments that were suitable. It's important to understand that Wenchang is not a large city, so Western type food and restaurants are not as plentiful as might be found in the larger cities. The people of Wenchang are very sweet and polite (for instance, they don't stare at you as might be the case in other parts of Chinese). The city is safe -- I never heard of a foreign teacher meeting harm except one young fellow who got involved in some sort of pub fight. The favorite activities of the Chinese teachers and locals are afternoon tea and playing volleyball (or pretty much any sports). It is close to the sea -- about a 40 min. walk and bus ride. In my years of teaching there, it seemed that the best fit for this location were people in their 30's and older (ages 40 to 65 seemed to be best fit), and married couples and especially families with children (there were several families with children who were there for a long time). Young single people seemed to find the location too boring, as it has more of a leisurely pace and is somewhat remote in location.

#10 Parent No name - 2017-07-10
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies


I am planning to work in this college next term. Is really so bad? What about salary payment? Is it fair? Do they cheat teachers?

Thanks in advance!

#11 Parent Not important - 2017-07-05
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

Agree. I saw your post too late I guess.

If anyone from the school is reading this, they know who I am. Not so many incidences in my case, but a very childish and inconsiderate behaviour by the foreign teachers´dept manager. A rude little guy more concerned in saving face than actually helping teachers out. He lied in a few occasions, even after helping him with teaching modules that were not going to be taught.

Certainly it is an easy job, the level is very low (to the point of being frustrating how little students believe in what they are doing. The organisation is nonexistent, the require you to be reachable all day long, and they are very intrusive in your personal life.

They pay a considerable sum of money regarding the level expected, but even so, people move away without hesitation. Unconveniently, they always have problems with the finances dept and the numbers always change, they try to modify contracts half way the year, they change shifts and classes without any kind of notification, and eventually teachers end asking students about the functioning of the school.

This is not a personal matter, there are amazing Chinese teachers there, and most of my students loved my classes.

Good luck if anyone wants to teach there. Good for a year, save money, explore the island, and go away with as much money as they want to pay you.

#12 Parent Concerned teacher - 2016-12-16
Re DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

How long did you stay at the school? When were you there? Their website advertises 14 openings right now, but it seems it hasn't been updated for years. What is the quality of the campus, apartment, area of the city? How many hours per week? Students per class?

Anonymous - 2016-06-23
DON'T recommend Hainan College of Foreign Studies

In the interest of helping all those considering teaching at Hainan College of Foreign Studies (previously known as Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education), I thought I’d share a bit of my experience. I was part of a group of foreign teachers employed by the school and spent one year teaching there. Having taught extensively over the years in China in the past, I knew a lot of what to expect; however, I was not prepared for what transpired.

Our group of foreign teachers was completely new as all 17 of the previous teachers quit. I heard rumors of them banding together and electing not to return as a message to the administration, however, that story would probably be better heard first-hand from one of them. All I can say is that if that was their decision, I understand.

Collectively as foreign teachers, our experience was rough. We had teachers from all over the world and we would regularly discuss the problems we were individually having with the administration. Many of the administration members were unhelpful at best and hostile at worst. Having taught in China previously I am familiar with the norm, let me say this school is far from normal.

Without going into too many details I will share a few stories to illustrate the schools mentality: One teacher called the administration from his apartment too sick to even make it to the hospital. His calls were disregarded and he was left to fend for himself and figure out his own transportation to the hospital. Another teacher was given specifics about what occurred in her bedroom by a faculty member who simply said “he was watching her”. No video camera was found, but the specifics made it very likely that somehow this was true. Others were caused to stand and lose face in regional meetings with other schools present due to not being fluent in Chinese. A shouting match took place at the PSB after the foreign teacher’s liaison failed to inform the teachers about some documents they needed and instead made them cry with his insistence that this was somehow their fault even though it was his job.

Additionally four of the teachers left the school early due to the health concerns they were facing seemingly because of the environment. So, while there are many great things about Hainan (warm weather, less pollution, 40 minutes from the beach, etc…). I cannot recommend this school to anyone considering teaching there. Having taught other places I can certainly recommend pursuing a job in China, I would just steer clear of Hainan College of Foreign Studies.

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