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#1 Parent Jamie - 2019-03-02
Re AYC Thailand and Echo English Reviews

Hello, was this response to AYC Thailand or Echo English? I am looking to teach in Thailand in the fall so I am looking at some companies myself, thanks!!

#2 Parent JJ - 2017-05-06
Re AYC Thailand and Echo English Reviews

Everyone has a story and has a different experience. A friend of mine just got mucked about too much with his visa's, 6 visa's in eleven months. That said, the company was very good to him, and despite the fact that he was oft at times a real handful, he finished his contract. He was moved from a school in BKK, to another school in Mukdahan, but as he says it was his own fault for being a little clever for his own good, basically using really colorful language, and having someone report him. So like he said, just his own fault, but still AYC stuck up for him and gave a second job, that was OK. I met the guy, very nice, loves to teach, lots of time for everyone, just has very little respect for people, who fail to respect and recognize that all people matter, and all have a job to do, and get on with it. Overall AYC stood by him, through thick and thin, they A-OK in his book. Just be honest and open, KD is the go-to-guy, he'll get it sorted for you.

#3 Parent foreign teacher - 2016-07-31
Re AYC Thailand and Echo English Reviews

Hi, I worked for this company for over a year, and you can cope working for them, untill you try to leave. The owner is vindictive and will really make your life hell if you try to leave, regardless if you finish your contract or resign.

She will seem nice and helpful untill you ask her to honor her side of an arrangement, or she will make up excuses not to give you what you agreed apon.

The people that work for her are great and they treat people well, but the owner calls the shots, and if she has decided that she will not treat you right then things are really difficult. Anything goes - keeping your transfer documents, not paying you for work that you have done, threats with blacklisting and visa cancelations the list goes on.

I don't want to rain on your parade but be careful, the owner really treats everyone badly, and she is not trustworthy.

ESL Teacher - 2016-06-17
AYC Thailand and Echo English Reviews

Hello! I have interviewed to teach in Thailand with both AYC Thailand and Echo English. Before making my decision on which company to go with, I would like to ask people that have worked for either company to post their opinions on the companies and whether or not they would recommend working for them. I am not looking for a "bash" fest, but honest, helpful opinions. I am looking for information such as school locations, (middle of nowhere?) on time payments, fees, teacher support, and anything else you think would be helpful! Thank you!

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