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#1 Parent PeterM - 2019-02-26
Re Spotlight International School in Jinan, Shandong Chnia

Look at their reviews... some of them are fake.. Nobody is that happy working for a company when you have literally 20x other schools around the block waiting to hire you.. they are fake..

Half are fake reviews !
I applied online. I interviewed at M.E.F. International (Vancouver, BC (Canada)) in August 2015.

doesn't sound to me like a Native of English wrote this..

#2 Parent Kiley - 2019-02-02
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

After reading some of these posts I feel like what happened to me is not such an anomaly. I had a director who would work me through the whole day and not allow me time to eat. She was hands down the worst person who I have worked for and I've worked in the UAE. People were not getting paid, the school was dangerous to children (five flights of stairs for kindergarten) and outdoors. I felt awful for the teachers and the treatment. But, not all schools in China are like this. I worked with some wonderful schools with highly dedicated and professional staff. Do your research but don't shun the whole country.

#3 Parent sophie - 2019-02-05
Re Spotlight International School in Jinan, Shandong Chnia

do you know anything about a company called MEF International? they have offered me a position in Jinan but no mention of name of the school I will work at. They want me to sign the contract straight away and say they have found a place at an international school for my son but no details of this school are being sent. I need to be sure that everything will be ok for us when we arrive but im beginning to think they may be corrupt?

#4 Parent caring - 2017-06-15
Re Spotlight International School in Jinan, Shandong Chnia

Chinatowns around the world smell as Chinese as the "International Schools" in China. Money laundering, corruption and a complete disregard for the corporate social responsibility are evident but ignored for reasons. What Chinese offer to our economies is difficult to refuse just as it is to turn a blind eye to opportunities in China. Chinese want to make money and then take care of their money in similar ways we want. Just imagine what kind of young people all those "International Schools" in China produce and what sort of western educational institutions accept many of those young people from China. Even our public universities are bending to those applicants with money. Anyhow, your regrettable experience signifies the situation that we're living in.

#5 Parent thebearwhowasn't - 2017-06-14
Spotlight International School in Jinan, Shandong Chnia

Ive just finished working for a school and let me tell you that China is loaded with such schools.

My school called Spotlight international School located in Jinan, Shandong China was probably one of the scariest experiences I have ever had.

They blackmailed me, kept my release papers, so i couldn't transfer to another company. They threatened me and psychologically kept alienating me until i couldn't take it no more.

They hired a pedophile called Terry [edited] for 3 months to teach little kids. They hire teachers illegally, and hire anybody as long as someone comes to their school.

Basically they are really shady and i felt paranoia from day 1.

#6 Parent Rachel - 2016-11-14
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

Skybar Online English School-Beware of them and give them a wide berth. They are dishonest, do not pay their teachers, and have an abysmal record for this. The horror stories I have heard and experienced from them could fill a book. Be ready to be insulted, ripped off, and left in the cold ! Good luck out there !

#7 Parent caring - 2016-04-21
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

ME and China have similarities one shouldn't ignore.

..she wanted teachers whom she could control. Perhaps, be in fear of her. This is a typical mentality by many administrators in the ME
#8 Parent clyde - 2016-04-20
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

I tend to agree. I got the impression from the director that she was not impressed by 'Western' teachers. She set up an interview with me, and was 30 minutes late. On the second interview, again, 30 minutes late. While talking to her, I came to the conclusion, she wanted teachers whom she could control. Perhaps, be in fear of her. This is a typical mentality by many administrators in the ME. I would not recommend native English speakers to HUBS. It is just my humble opinion.

#9 Parent Agent Basher - 2014-03-23
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

Seems that this outfit is an agent selling foreign teachers out to schools and "schools". Simply don't work for these crooks, you will regret it!

#10 Parent chat hall - 2014-03-22
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

BR Language School, Phetchaburi (Thailand) [Teaching Agency]

Please be warned: Never sign up with this company! They deduct 20,000 baht from your first month's salary (calling it a deposit). I've now completed a full year of teaching (May 2013 until February 2014). I have asked for my deposit back and now, shock horror, they REFUSE to give it back!

Also, you will be out of work for 6 weeks in September/October (no pay). They don't pay for sick days either. They are the only teaching agency to deduct a percentage of your salary for so called tax...

If you try to contact them it’s nigh on impossible: they’re rarely at their office; they don’t reply to e-mails; and they very rarely answer the phone or sms u back!

I know of many past teachers who have worked for them who have been treated very badly too. It’s much better to apply directly with the schools in the area. Please stay well away from these cowboys!!!

#11 Parent teacher - 2012-01-27
Re: Blacklist of crap schools worldwide

Hayat Universal Bilingual School:

Don't work there. I know 3 past staff members, one in particular who is qualified and experianced who have worked at this non accrediated school and it is not of a standard that they make out on their WEBSITE.
They slave you to the core..they exploit you to the max.. the dumb Principal is not qualified to have a leadership role gossips at staff who hate her, is totally unprofessional, a back stabber, does not give support; she is an absolute disgrace to what role she plays....should be SACKED. This school is about qantity of work and not quality. They claim they pay one of the highest in Kuwait..load of bulllocks..many schools surpass their top wage. The school is crammed into a small building, with small classrooms that breed behavioual problems. The councellor is hopeless, young and a bit of a day dreamer. Half the staff are not qualified teachers. Teachers have walked out, or ones who see through the Principal are sacked, their turn over is high. If you want to survive on 4-6 hours sleep each night (cause you have too much school work to do during your evenings),or collapse in exhaustion day in and day out..then work there. If you choose not to work there, well done.
Jack the go to one of the American or English Schools..we did.
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