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#1 Parent Eddy - 2019-02-06
Re working for UUABC

the original post is pretty informative and easy to follow. you are the sad git, pal.

#2 Parent D - 2018-08-21
Re working for UUABC

What's legal in one place is not in another, deal with it. With the attitude you posted with, I wouldn't pay you a penny to teach anyone anywhere. Just because you can "teach" by the book doesn't mean your all that as a teacher. Welcome to online teaching and a new generation of worldwide audiences and learners. If 150 is so beneath you, I'd say you have too much to learn yourself to be hired as a teacher- especially one who can stay at home and hardly do anything other than, God forbid, Have Fun as a teacher that students can enjoy learning with.

#3 Parent GLobetrot - 2018-08-23
Re working for UUABC

You mentioned having "No self-respect" - what is that coming from a glorified pool cleaner who thinks he has a perfect life - sad git. Why mention it if you are going to use such language. Get a life.

#4 Parent Anon2 - 2018-04-13
Re working for UUABC

Also, an advertisement that I saw posted for this job, gave the ages of 22-45...What?? This was exactly how it was worded as one of their requirements..

2. Aged 22-45 yrs old (We do employ those over 45, but currently interested in including younger teachers).

And..."No Accents"

Is this not ageism and descrimination?? How is this legal??

anon - 2018-03-29
working for UUABC

if you apply to work for this company, few things to note:

their recruitment is called the "Foreign Recruitment Team"
their job description is not actually correct nor are the requirements. They are not looking for highly professional teachers, like they claim the are. In fact what they prefer is clapping monkeys or anyone who is not an actual teacher but is willing to make a fool out of themselves on cam to some illiterate, ungrateful little Chinese kid.

process of working for UUABC

stage 1

speak online with someone who chooses to remain nameless from the 'Foreign Recruitment Team'. (not cool)
first detail is: are you willing to work for 90-150 RMB per hour (that is what they pay) (not ok / small minded)
do a speedtest of internet connection (ok)
be introduced to a pleasant but very flimsy explanation of what is expected of a teacher - this includes the software used in the virtual classroom and a video of a previous applicant - who is probably not employed by this company and so are totally unaware their face and name is being used for this purpose (totally not ok)

stage 2

a hastyily arranged demo class is set up, where little information is given about the student who will be part of this game. The "demo" lasts for 20 minutes and is poorly thought out, with little room elaborating on what they call the "courseware". In other words completing their lesson to the time allotted is impactical. Wing it, laugh, sing and clap though and you might be ok.

stage 3

jump through hoops and use every superlative in the book during a further skype conversation with the rep from the foreign recruitment team that points out everything you did or did not do but does not take into account what the student did or did not - nor how the material was relevant or not nor even what the kid thought about the demo class. In other words it does not actually matter to them if you actually try to teach their kid according to their own material.

stage 4

agree to work for these people understanding that when they see fit to let you have another student you will be told. Do not expect to be actually given students, as a new employee as in "hey welcome to our company, valued teacher". A lot of the selection for depends on whether your face looks good or not - forget the fact you might actually be qualified and highly professional as they state in their own requirements. The contract they dish out is hardly binding either but basically you are not allowed to take time off unless you give clear notice (at least 7 days) and do not take too much time off either - it is not allowed. Not sure how a contract termination would go but for 90 - 150 rmb an hour it is hardly the end of the world if they fire you - is it??!

Bottom line is that you sit around waiting for them to sling you a bone.

stage 5 - payment

do you like spending money using wechat wallet or alipay? if so work for these people cos that is how you will probably your dosh and if you are living outside China - are you really going to give out your bank details - because most of the real world outside of China does not use wechat wallet or even alipay.

UUABC is one of a few online teaching companies that have been set up in China as a means of providing families with a western English teacher. If you are skint, cannot get a job and have little self respect have a go yourself - you will find out it is that kind of person they want as a teacher.

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