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#1 Parent Yu - 2019-02-06
Re Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education)

I worked at Muffys and personally loved it. One of my favourite jobs. However, yes there were visa problems and I have heard of the medical stories which Andrea stated (it was an unfortunate case for her), it’ was a great job and I assume they’ve changed for the better with the new visa changes. It Had it’s problems like every other Chinese school but they had a set schedule, gave a lot of resources for you to do and weekly expectations for each indepdent age group. The schedule was pretty relaxed two. An hour lunch, hour and a half prepping time and only required to go out for recess once with them....they also always paid me back when I went and bought something for the class. In regards to the weekly news letter, yes we had to write them but it’s for parents..they want to know and see what their kids did that week so it wasn’t an issue for me especially coming from an old job where I had to do this everyday as opposed to once a week. It was something that took about 10 minutes for me to do. The seasonal news letters weren’t an issue either we always reused old ones and changed the dates and made small updates .. they offered good benefits, very flexible when you were sick (paid sick and personal days). They also gave great medical insurance, the office and Chinese staff were very helpful. Kristie is actually pretty good too imo. She was helpful when I needed help, took the time to find lectures based on behaviours and other needs when you needed the help. She also gave a lot of great resources and suggestions for your classroom. I get every job isn’t perfect but honestly this is probably one of the better ones.

#2 Parent Jon Sullivan - 2018-09-05
Re Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education)

I worked for Muffy's for two years and had I had the best teaching experience since I have been here in Beijing. There were no requirements for writing newsletters of term magazines as described in the complaint. I only had to make my lesson plans and conduct my classes following the required curriculum. I never had required overtime, was always paid on time, and had great medical insurance. This really is a Kindergarten not a franchise Language school. All the kids I had experience with were from 3 to 5 years old in classes wiith a full curriculum in English. Furthermore, Muffy's is accreditied by the Ministry of Education.

I suspect two of the letters I saw here are not from teachers as there are a few grammar errors which most teachers here would not make.

#3 Parent Andrea Dunsby - 2016-08-01
Re Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education)

Couldn't agree more... The company also tell you fake promises. They advertise 10,000 emergency medical but dont every expect to get this money. I had an emergency medical in Thailand and the school did nothing to help me nor did they give me the money they advertise. They told me that being rushed of an airplane in Hong Kong in an abulance is not an emergency. The company was much better until it changed management. The visas are fake as well. It is an ill run company do not work there!

#4 Parent Kristin - 2015-04-17
Re Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education)

I have applied and I would like to know as well if there is any news about the program now. I have an interview with them this Monday. If anyone has any information about this school, please let us know.

#5 Parent Traveling Teacher - 2015-02-04
Re Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education)

I have just read Green bear's review of Muffy's International Kindergarten school. I noticed that it was from 2013. While still current, I am wondering if there are any other folks here that have worked with them recently and have stuff to share? I ask because I'm thinking about applying myself....but will be first time teaching abroad in Asia. Any info you have to offer would be so very helpful!

Traveling Teacher

Green bear - 2013-07-11
Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education)

Hi all,

Please consider carefully when accepting a teaching offer from Muffy's International Kindergarten (BeiLin International Education). This is not an international kindergarten, it is a franchised language school.

If this is your first time teaching and living in China, please don't. This school prioritize more on paperwork than teaching. For example, teachers are required to write weekly newsletters, term magazines, the design of the school's yearbook, all campus' newsletter, and other irrelevant paperwork.

If you have worked and lived in China, then you know the frustration you will have. Expect to be told about things the last minute, to do overtime without being paid in a timely manner, teach your class with no curriculum, assessment, textbooks/teachers' books and age appropriate materials.

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