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Angry Employee - 2019-01-18

This school is situated in other suburbs or rural area of Yichang City, Hubei Province in China. It is on a high hill you would say with beautiful location overseeing the river. The school has a Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary High School as well.

The secondary high school is, however, does not offer Chinese curriculum but Edexcel and recently added Cambridge High School program.

The story here is about the Principal of High School department names Harold or Dr. Li Boshi (Harold).

Dr.Harold, who is Chinese but naturalized US Citizen although still a pro-Maoist at heart, may come off as nice a good man he usually is but that changes very quickly when he has to deal with managing the department. He is similar to the Gremlins.

I am ex-teacher sadly to say to this poor excuse of a so-called International School. Usually most if not all these ‘International Schools’ in China are not better or worse from one another they all look great from the outside and that’s all that.

And not as long as you start working the horrors comes to the surface. It happened to me when I had co-teacher a Chinese lady named April, we both shared and taught Business Studies classes who had zero experience, always went overtime when was her time to teach but I work to help her improve her ways, shared my knowledge and experience.

So many times, this April character even taught the wrong topic and one time I ask her to teach a very simple to a topic called Opportunity cost she ended up teaching something else lol.

Then one day Harold calls me it says,’ students have been complaining about you in a letter’, I felt awful and bad throughout the day. Then the following days, after I finished teaching my class, two of my students waited for the other students to leave and they told me that my co-teacher April had pushed them and to write a complaint letter on me.

When I went to Dr.Haold about this he just attacked me and blamed me did absolutely nothing and didn’t care at all. Now after these he became weird and anytime, we talk some issues he brings up that students complained about you and I say no they didn’t it was made up. How pathetic when the fault is my co-teacher and his failure to show any form of managerial leadership.

This case is not isolated with me with other teachers they had different problems again the local creepy teacher and again Dr.Harold would blame them and do nothing at all.

The place is out of control the local teachers swap papers when they ask the foreign teacher to prepare, they always criticized foreign teacher to their students basically they do anything they want because Dr.Haolrd is offline. Dr.Harold is Mr.Magoo and the three stooges all rolled into one.

Now Dr.Harold gone even nastier and has cheated on my contract by not paying my end of year bonus.

His staff meetings are total farce one time he was talking about buy properties in Yichang? His staff meetings remind me of groundhog day movie where the meetings were the same as before. No knowledge of anything academics, clueless of the program he ‘managing’ and doesn’t seem remotely interested in ever doing so.

He said in the interview that Yichang has no pollution well there is a chemical plant next door and the pollution level get neck and neck with Beijing. He always lies whenever he gets the chance the dashed away.

His personal life is a joke and total disgrace where he has this lady who lives with him and claims her to be his wife but not so she’s just a girlfriend he has his real wife in the USA. Usually when he does Skype with her real wife ask this lady to hide meanwhile this lady has a profile in date site looking for another man.

He has absolute contempt towards the parents of the students or potential families he told me they were like sheep and easy to lead them and take their money. Meanwhile is students went to interview in the UK and all flailed why is this so Dr.Harold? Because you did not know how to prepare them!

How long are you going to bluff and lie? You basically see this job as a junket. You cannot manage anything often you ask others to write things for you and get advice. Always running and hiding from issues.

He wants to make it more international school and wanting to invite foreigners to study there? How are you going to do that Dr.Harold when most of your teachers are Chinese and teach in Chinese? The facilities are a total joke, nothing works properly the canteen food is unbearable do you think foreign students will like this?

The housing they provide is pathetic, most of the time you get no water, the internet is better not to have it, insect-infested, lift breaks down occasionally, worms are everywhere in the bathrooms.

Do yourself a favor and run from this place and if you get an offer from this place delete it asap.

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