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#1 Parent Gary Verderamo - 2019-01-16
Re Beware Of Skybar Online School

For the record, you may want to start proofreading your posts before submitting them. WOW! Just WOW!!! I get that you are angry, but come on!

Also, this is not exactly professional. To slam a former employer in a public forum. If any future employers do their due diligence on you and find this...........well, you can forget about them hiring you.

We've all have our horror stories. Lord knows I have mine. However, as I said, THIS is unprofessional. You may want to consider taking this down.

#2 Parent Samantha CotteyTopalis - 2018-08-22
Re Beware Of Skybar Online School


Dr Rachel - I am so sorry to hear of your experience. I have to say that my experience with Skybar has been vastly different. I have been with Skybar for 3 years and I have always been paid on time and have never had any issues with pay. As for telling lies, I haven't experienced this either, I have often had slight problems with communication, but this is to be expected as English is their second language and they are living in a non-English speaking country, however we always sorted it out in the end. I don't want to comment on the parents of the children as I have not witnessed any kind of abuse. It is a very different system in China and love it or hate it, we have to accept it. I find the Chinese people to be very loving and caring, occassionally you get an oddball, but every society has this! I hope that you things get better for you Dr Rachel. Thanks!

Dr Rachel - 2016-11-14
Beware Of Skybar Online School

Those online school turned into one big nightmare. It began with them not paying me my salary until enough students' parents complained and until I treatened to call the PSB. In three years, they never gave me a raise. They always lie and say yes to everything, but it absolutley nevr happens. Told them I was going to be traveling and needed my salary to be sent promptly this time, as I just had enough funds to cover me until then. They said yes, of course. When I wrote on payday, they said they were having lunch and had no time to do so, creating an emergency for me in a foreign country. Everytime I ask why something happens, they lie. This company lies, lies, lies, and shows me that Chinese people are vicious, cruel and incompetent. My schedule is never right. I unexpectedly get deluged with Skype calls from students who were never on the schedule. When I ask, they say they overlooked it, with never as much as an apology. I am a great teacher and I have had my students for years, so there is no reason to be as vivious ans stressful as they are. They make excuses constantly and never, ever tell the truth. They have absolutely no respect for American teachers no matter how educated and popular they are. The have no respect and are despicable in every possible way. Chinese people have zero compassion, zero class, zero politeness. I taught them to say , 'one moment, or one moment, please', but they always say, Wait ! They refuse to be polie or professional. It has been a nightmare. Chinese adults are nightmares and totally illogical, very controlling and manipulative of their children, cruel to their children, and completely and utterly incompetent in every possible way. The children are wonderful and just want happiness and a break from the monsters their parents are. Most parents who are actually normal and intelligent and want the best for their kids offer me a job working for them exclusively and want nothing to do with this school-nothing. You are in for guaranteed nightmare with this school. There is much, much more hand-wringing horror to mention about them, but time is valuable, and I will not waste more of yours. They know that I do have compassion and will not desert my students, so they have me over a barrel. But, I am slowly shifting my priorities to other companies which are Western-managed. Just be certain that these companies or schools are really Western managed. (North American)

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