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#1 Parent Mike - 2019-01-12
Re FLUENTRUSSIA, Russia, Moscow

This posting was not written by you, it was written by Ron Nathan. It is a fraud letter.

Don Johnson - 2019-01-09
FLUENTRUSSIA, Russia, Moscow

Im from the UK and worked for FluentRussia for 3 years and had a great experience — stressful sometimes sure but great company and always got paid on time. Recommend it to all teachers who want a Russian teaching experience

Enjoyed teaching Russian learners at company’s corporate clients; students were amazing and I made great friends in my two+ years n Moscow; long days sometime but hardly any weekend work; also opportunities to do other things for the company besides teaching

Liked working there --lots of good teachers including guys from English First in China who went to fluentrussia for the money and are very happy working there. Leading school for corporate training and big on edtech

There are good and not good things about any job n Russia; My Fluent Russia experience on the whole was very good-- some problems taking long vacations and schedule changes but got paid on time and well. For Russia, that’s amazing; also overtime work was available

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