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#1 Parent fuk mandy.she owes me 14000 - 2019-01-11
Re Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Chinese liars, only death by toture

#2 Parent TEFL teacher - 2018-03-29
Re Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Hi, just curious, do you still work at the school?

#3 Parent Another teacher - 2017-03-31
Re Mingshi American English school Fushun City

I seriously can't believe the slander here, especially from some of the people I've even met. I'm not going to use names like others have so unprofessionally, but I will say it's unbelievable the lies some of you have told.

Mingshi is a great school and the owner is an honest woman who cares dearly about her teachers, it's just a shame she is too generous when judging people and allowed some of these people with questionable backgrounds and educations to take advantage of her.

I've been employed with the school for a long time and I'm very happy with how they've treated me, and I've watched others receive the same excellent treatment the whole time I've been here. The things others have said are exaggerated and mostly even outright lies. The staff has bent over backwards when helping me and the other teachers, they regularly go to great lengths to help out and make sure everyone is happy even when the employees are the ones in the wrong. I wouldn't give my time here up for anything, and it's a tragedy that people who couldn't do their jobs correctly took it upon themselves to spread lies when they were often the ones at fault. I'm sorry I can't go into detail with some of these people because I know the real stories, but for anyone new reading this suffice to say the bad apples are going to be the most vocal. These people were treated wonderfully by the school, but couldn't see past their own issues. Real shame.

#4 Parent Hi! - 2016-12-21
Re Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Soooo. I've heard 50/50 of good and bad comments here about this school. Why is it so bad and why do you say they treat everyone so badly? Could you fill me up with the details? I got a job offer here and just want to het a kore detailed view of what has occured for both sides. Thank you!

#5 Parent europeanman - 2016-11-05
Re Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Glad to see that mail, nothing has changed in 8 years only the apartments are nice now. They treat everyone like shit still and everyone there is unhappy and is either mentally or physically breaking down. I lasted a month, and took me 3 days to get home, they will con you, make excuses and always claim they are the ones to be self pitied. Horrible polluted waste of time that school. The owner mandy is a money grabbing [edited] [edited] and her American puppet Joshua at the school is a puppet there.

Whatever you do don't go there! It cost me 1,200 euro in the end and they were bitching about school losing money, parasites!!Now I am deleting them and this experience from my mind.

#6 Parent Michael - 2008-07-17
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Hello Nameless

I have e-mailed Tharaen and all is sorted. I am just trying to locate the web site that was developed and happened to end up here again. You are one to talk about grammar and spelling. Practice what you preach. Why don't you read your posting very carefully and look at your mistakes. Judging by your grammar (not grammer), punctuation and spelling, it seems that you are the one that should be spending your time learning English.

Kind regards.

#7 Parent Derek - 2008-06-08
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Hello Michael Stewart, first things first who the hell are you? and how do you know me, my girlfriend Tharaen or the situation that we experienced in China?

I read your comments about Tharaen and you speak as though you know her, and you give me advice . .. me advice, when i havent even meet you . . . .

Tharaen posted comments about a school that we taught at for just over nine months, notice that i am using past tense her, meaning that we were there before you, meaning that the school could have changed once we left.

Her comments were not personal attacks, they were informative opinions on her time with Ming Shi American English school and warnings to any future teachers thinking of going there.

It amazes me that you feel it appropriate to make personal attacks about someone you know nothing about, then I imagine that you may feel you know her and myself from stories told by the other foreigners and chinese teachers and the owner, however i promise you that many of these stories are very one sided and untrue accounts. I say this as in our time at Ming Shi we were constantly told "things" about past teachers, students and current teachers that were just untrue, and this was proven to us by our own knowledge of the person and by getting to know our students very well, and you must agree that it is easier to believe your mature adult student than your boss who of course is interested in keeping you teaching and "happy".

Another great example is what happened after we left. When we were there we were always told how great we were as teachers and as people, by the owner, teachers and students, after we left we found that our names were tarnished and were being thrown around in emails by the "father foreign teacher" commenting on how bad Tharaen was as a teacher, how we set new teachers up for failure, stirred trouble amongst the foreigners and so on. We know this because we were then and still are now friends with the other foreign teachers who were still teaching there so they would send us the emails they recieved trashing us, and we would wonder what we should do with these emails, if Tharaen was a "little immature person" as you say she is then she wouldve sent abusive emails to the people saying abusive things about us, however we decided to leave the past in the past, and to just help warn other teachers of the possible perils of teaching with Ming Shi American English school.

So Michael, how are you finding MIng Shi now, is it still wonderfull, have there been any little incidents yet or are you still loving it all. I hope that Ming Shi fixed some of the errors and faults they had, and know this, any faults they did fix is because someone pointed it out to them as a fault.

The last thing i would like to say is that I did enjoy my time teaching with Ming Shi American English School, however it was not a perfect school, with perfect people, it was a very real experience of what China has to offer, similiar to the experiences had by many foreigners who decide to teach in China, and something that some unsuspecting people who expect what they are told to be what they get, need to be warned about.

I hope to hear back from you Michael

Regards the man who should do himself a "favour and get out" and who is deserving of such pity


#8 Parent Huh? - 2008-05-23
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Hello Michael

Why should she be more ashamed of herself just because your a male and you can clean? You call her rascist and yet your being sexist.
You are getting rather personal with someone you have never met. Especially as many of your comments were incorrect.

Maybe you should spend more time learning English grammer and spelling instead of discussing something, of which you only know half the story. If you are so politically correct i would advise you not to post anymore abusive attacks of a personal nature.

Hope you have a good day,

Kind regards.

#9 Parent Michael Stewart - 2008-05-18
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

I am currently employed by the Ming Shi American English School and after reading what this Tharaen woman has written in comparison to what I have experienced at the school, I must say that she (Tharaen) is talking total utter nonsense. It is such a pity that she has to stoop to such a low level to try and tarnish the image of such a remarkable institution. We do not have to work ourselves to death, it is in fact the exact opposite. All the staff at the Ming Shi School are so helpful and considerate of us foreign people. The owner is what I would consider as a remarkably kind and understanding boss. The stories about the linen, having to pay for classes missed when you are ill etc is lies, lies and even more lies. She (Tharaen) is a pityful little example of a person who expects the world to be at her feet. Shame on you Tharaen. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you weren't happy, just leave and let things be. The fact that you are so sour about your experience shows what an immature little person you are. I feel sorry for your husband having to live with someone like you. Derek, do yourself a favour and get out. It only gets worse over time if this is how it begins. The Chinese people are what I would consider to be the most considerate and friendly nation. They really know how to display hospitality which is of the highest standard. It is very sad to read this and to think that the Ming Shi School offered you a position. Disgusting. By the way Tharaen, you mentioned that the apartment was dirty. Have you ever heard of cleaning materials. Buy it and clean the place. Or do you think you are above the rest? Cleaning has never hurt or killed anyone. This is coming from a man so you should be ashamed of yourself.

#10 Parent Lune Stewart - 2008-05-18
Mingshi American English school Fushun City

I am currently employed by Mingshi American English School in Fushun City. I don't think that you are talking about the same school!!! This is the most wonderfull school to work for. I have never been treated better in my entire life. I personally can not see that anyone at Mingshi will treat you bad unless you deserved it (which in your case it sounds like you did). The people here are helpful. When we arrived here in the middle of the night the apparment was spotless, there was new bedding and everything we needed. Small things we wanted was purchased for us by the school, we did not pay anything for it. Rasims, sorry to say it like this but BULLSH*T. They don't know what rasism is. The working hours are wonderful and if you have any problems it gets sorted out immediately. You get asked if you want to work overtime. We are currently 6 foreign teachers and can cope very well with the workload. I personaly think you can not blame the chinese people and the "leader", like you like to call her, for your unpopularity. You are the one to blame. Don't try to blame the Mingshi School for your imperfections. The "leader" is a wonderful person which bends over backwards for her foreign teachers.


#11 Parent na - 2008-05-01
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

Id just like to say i worked there for 6 months before i had finally had enough.
i had to seek medical help because my body was that worn out.
I co wrote the original peice and its 100% true.

Any personal attacks even towards our now ex slave driver were left out as its not necessary and so to do that on here is childish.

We wanted to tell the truth about the school and stop new teachers going in at all or un aware.

Other replies are correct in saying we should have stuck together and refused to work but only person a day not doing it would have given the boss reason to carry on and thats what happened continually.

I genuinly hope the situation has changed but i 100% doubt that

#12 Parent Helen - 2008-04-16
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

I was also teaching at this school. Its not a good place to teach. Everything Tharaen said was correct!
Andrew: im not sure why you felt you had to post a nasty and personal message as it was not aimed at you. when you first arrived at MingShi you also had problems with the school and complained to tharaen, going so far as to say it was her fault you were there. If you have in fact changed your mind about teaching there you could have just said that there was no need to be so damn rude.
If anyone there was glad to see her go it was only because things were said that werent true. Im sure you heard what the teachers were saying about you for the 3 months that i was teaching there. Im aware that there is always rumors going around that school, most of them wrong. Maybe you should consider that before striking out at others.

#13 Parent Yingwen Laoshi - 2008-04-09
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

If you are thinking of coming to teach in China make sure you have enough money to cover you over just in case you find yourself in a situation like that described in Mingshi American English school. If all FTs did that then schools like that would simply not exist. If a school gives you a rat-hole to live in, don't waste time asking for clean sheets, just LEAVE STRAIGHT AWAY. I can't understand why anybody would endure a couple of days in those conditions, let alone a YEAR.

FTs, if you want to see an end to poor schools in China, then put them out of business by not teaching a single class. It's a waste of time trying to reason with such schools. They're not prepared to listen or change. If you stay there they'll just think that you're a mug who can be used. They'll promise you better conditions "next week" just to keep you there, until the next mug comes along. There's no need to endure deplorable conditions when there are plenty of decent schools in China. You need to take a bit of time to research them.


#14 Parent Choatle - 2008-04-08
Re: Mingshi American English school Fushun City

I feel for you pal, this experience which you speak of is more common then people might think. In fact experiences like this are pretty much the norm if you ask me.

You are not the only one to experience such disdain, often Chinese teachers will treat their fellow foreign ones with this kind of attitude, usually spurred on by their own insecurity, and they see you as being the source of this.

I must admit I never had an experience this bad so all I can say is you had some rotten luck. Were you placed in this position by a recruiter per chance, or did you find it yourself?

Just another lesson to everyone thinking about coming to China or any other foreign country to teach. Do your home work, get the contact numbers of at least 3 other foreigners who currently work at that school, and research the hell out of them. This does not always mean things will go smoothly, but it sure helps.

You have my sympathy, I hope your next placement it a better one, it sure doesn't sound like it could be any worse.

Ex Slave driven teacher - 2008-04-08
Mingshi American English school Fushun City

I would like to black list Mingshi American English School in Fushun City

I worked for this school just under a year and had to get out for my mental and physical health.

The School is very hostile to foreigners, keeps your documents (passport) ect and have silly excuses why they need it.

Threaten any friends you have (other foreign teachers from other schools and chinese friends) they call them and verbally threatens them , work you to your physical demise (7 days a week 8 to 12 classes a day one day off a month), unable to rest, charged 50 yuan per class on a sick day (8 classes).

The apartments were awful, rotten wood very dirty walls no hot water in kitchens, fake windows on pc which causes crashes
The apartment does not come furnished at all. No plates , cups, pans , knives or chopsticks.
The sheets on the bed has been on there for who knows how long. The day I moved in there was rat dropping on the floors and the bathroom looked like it has never been cleaned.
When I asked for new sheets I had to pay for it and I was told I look down on the Chinese people.

All the foreigners are seen by the school as necessary evil and treated with equal dis stain
just look at the record, 7 teachers in 6 months left that school most of them ran in the middle of the night

So when all of this finally becomes too much and u break down in tears because you are soo sick and cant move any more that u finally leave and have to do so on a midnight flight because her husband is in the police and shes made that obvious what by telling you and having a car outside your apartment on numerous occasions.

Be aware the leaders way of dealing with all this is *poor me poor me poor me*. i watched 6 teachers who never did a thing wrong have to leave like this only to be told consistently afterwards how bad they were as people none of that is true

also not forget the blatant racism faced daily by us white people and the utter refusal to hire any teacher of colour even though that is now against the law leaving us all with ridiculous work loads

There is enough work for 9 or 10 foreign teacher and the school never has more then 5 teachers.

so please do not teach at this school.

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