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#1 Parent UNCARING - 2018-10-16
Re ..It's Gongqing not Chongqing...

Egor, you are an absolute champion!

Egor TuTeas - 2018-10-03
..It's Gongqing not Chongqing...

(Gongqing College of Nanchang University)

...Somewhere in China, there is a quaint, sleepy little country town with a peaceful facade.
This is where the children of many farmers will practice their faux sophistication. They have
learned it from US media, WeChat, and Weibo.
The majority of the students seem to think that it's a cruddy little school. Usually they bemoan
the fact that that they could not attend a better College/ University. Most of the English major
students appear to be female. Apparently they think "foreign experience" means "boffing" White guys.
Not necessarily handsome white guys...just any white guy will seem to do. In fact he could possibly
look like the son of the Mole Man (F.F. comics) with multi-colored hair. So with so many shenanigans
going on... there isn't time for much actual teaching.

How can I ever forget the sight of the Director of the English Department in her office... It was Spring,
and her windows were wide open. Her feet were perched on a chair with her toes "cheerfully" twitching
in the breeze. There were tangerine peelings scattered all over the floor around her. She was smiling, and
looking happy as a clam. Subjectively, I must say it was on e of the most "simian" displays I've ever seen.
Her effete male aides waited in the outer office to clean up after her.

This is a College that seems to hire foreign teachers for recreational purposes... not for actual teaching.

This is perhaps indicative of the usual relations between the West and China.
The West allows China to steal it higher technology, and in exchange China '"sluts out" its "Wemmen"

...But, maybe this is thought to be an advantageous relationship for both parties...!

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