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Tom - 2018-09-20

I’m not really the kind of the person who leaves reviews but when I was looking for a teaching job in Korea I noticed that there were many people who had bad experiences with their job/hagwon so I thought I’d leave a review about a good experience.

I started working at Evening Class in September of 2017. I arrived at my apartment which was nice and clean (Evening Class provides accommodation for you). The building I was in was very close to work (literally 5 minutes) and it was very quiet.

If you look around the internet, you will find lots of stories of academies not paying on time or not paying enough. I’m happy to say that I never had any problems with this at evening class, I was always paid on time and it was always the correct amount. There’s a problem with some hagwons but you can trust Evening Class, I think.

In regards to the curriculum, it has all been decided. I had my opportunity to discuss with the other teachers and the director in order to share ideas, but the main body of the curriculum is there for you. You will get lots of opportunities to put your spin and style on it, which is nice because you can make the lesson your own.

In terms of the work environment, I felt that it was lots of fun. We all had a good laugh together while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Sometimes the boss gets a little mad, but that's the same at every job, really. Thing is, he knows what he's doing.

One thing I really liked about Evening Class, actually. It was my first teaching job and, though the school is small, I felt like a real professional.

I never had any problems. They even provided me with a computer for work! You get a nice long break time, too, so you will have plenty of time for lunch or coffee, or you can even go to a gym somewhere. You might read some reviews of hagwons in Korea that say the schedule is very heavy. That is generally the case for all teaching jobs in Korea, if you cannot handle it then Korea is not for you. However, if you can work hard and focus then it will be easy for you.

All in all, I had a great experience at Evening Class. I had read terrible stories about some other schools and I was initially worried that I would have a similar experience. Thankfully, I had a wonderful experience, met some great students and made some great friends.

I hope this is helpful for you when looking for a job in Korea.
Good luck!


I know you think I might be the director just leaving a fake review but feel free to contact me or reply here and we'll talk!

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