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Taylor - 2018-03-29

Worked for them for awhile, found them to be repulsively racist towards any ethnic group apart from white, but if you are white even if you have an addict to alcohol they will still hire you.

they use illegal paper work to get illegal visas. far too risky

alot of the staffs language skills arent good enough to help you resolve your issues, they will randomly change parts of your contract without your consent let alone knowledge

they only care about profits so they will pay you the smallest salary possible. no training no support

when i first went there i was only like 18/19 pretty naive and stuff

within a few months one of the girls in the office actually said she would secretly raise my salary if i gave her a cut out of it, almost unbelievable right?

also when i was there they actually asked us all to write positive reviews about them to combat the increasing numbers on negative reviews online on other forums about them.

i would only recommend this company to my worst enemy!

AVOID AT ALL COSTS, this company will send you to a company with illegal visas, you won’t be insured, if you get locked up they won’t protect you, the staff will bribe you and try to keep your passport, they will force you to work extra hours. This company stole my degree, copied it and then used it as a fake for other teachers to borrow to use for a fraudulent visa application. This company has changed its name multiple times to hide from bad reviews. Make sure to do your research before you go!!!!

Biggest scammers in Chengdu

Do you know they actually demanded their foreign teachers to write positive reviews to combat all of the negative opinions people hold about this company? if that doesn't sound alarm bells i'm not sure what will.

This company will threaten to cancel your visa for the smallest issues (if you complain about something they promised they would do for you in the contract and then ask them about it)


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