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#1 Parent SocialShani - 2018-03-29
Re Aston Zouping

Theres a reason you can't find anything about zouping theres nothing there to write about.

Its basically a village, where you get looked at as if you're a alien and also get called laowhy by the rednecks there.

The school is also no use, with lying managers wholl tell you to lie to the students and parents. I worked there for a short time, but left very quickly.

There are much better places to work at, so best steer clear of it and there lies.

Montana_Steve - 2017-01-08
Aston Zouping

Hey guys I know you have experience of Aston English, but anyone have direct experience of a branch in Zouping, Shandong? Their offer seems kinda low, but Im more concerned about what's in that place as I can't find anything about the place on Wikipedia etc

Any replies would be great, thx!

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