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#1 Parent Lisa Shim - 2018-03-29
Re Saint Paul American Cult School, Clark Pampanga,Philippines

I was his girlfriend and I also left him.

#2 Parent Mrs.Luko - 2018-03-29
Re Saint Paul American Cult School, Clark Pampanga,Philippines

James, you are carrying on like a lunatic. This is why I left you, loser and wen't back to Korea.

#3 Parent James Luko - 2018-03-29
Re Saint Paul American Cult School, Clark Pampanga,Philippines

Hey Braniac.. Mr. Slander who doesn't wish to give his name. HOW-- explain to the dear public HOW St. Paul is a " CULT " school? explain yourself? You are a liar and a defamer-- show your name.. and explain to everyone here HOW is this school a CULT school?

What is WEIRD about this school? DEPED does several inspections each year-- WHY don't you send them your educated comments.. that this school is WEIRD- whatever that means right.. and a CULT school- COMPLAIN to DEPED and let's see? you are a FOOL, a LIAR.. a DEFAMER ...maybe you are one of the ex teachers who couldn't do a good job and didn't get renewed right? so NOW.. big time sour grapes.. boo hooo boo hooo.. LOST another job right?

So.. you know.. if you think you're so smart.. if you think you're such a tough BIG MAN -- to slander and defame in public--

1. Reveal your REAL name
2. Submit your ?? complaint? to Deped as well as NACEL in Minnesota and then you can publish the results here right? THEN you would be doing a great public service right? but instead you come to this loser board, HIDE your real name right? (cause you are afraid of being sued and losing in court) and make some stupid idiotic childish comments to slander a great and expanding school.. probably cause you got shit-canned right? Right.. you were a teacher who couldn't meet the minimum requirements and standards and lost your job because the school doesn't keep losers like you.. so here is your REVENGE right? like a little sniveling baby-man... hey baby man-- SHOW us your real name? submit a complaint to DePED about this school being a CULT ???? .. and WEIRD...I DARE YOU RIGHT HERE IN PUBLIC--- do it.. submit a complaint about this school being a CULT and then publish the results here so we can all see what happened. SHOW yourself baby-man.

but you won't right.. cause what im saying is the 100% truth right now.. and what you are writing here is just childish crap.. you got nothing else to do unemployed sitting at home..barely making your bills.. right.. and you wish to VENT out and revenge against an excellent school cause you got shit canned. What a real loser.

Second: Luko genocide denier-- what is a genocide denier? what is genocide? explain to us what are you talking about? Luko Wines-- Yeah and.. what do you wish to say about Luko Wines.. they are a great high quality wine made in California rated in the top 1% of all wines in the USA.. so what is your POINT on mentioning Luko Wines-- I mean come on baby-man-- open up-- tell us.. we're dying to know?

OR.. what about this cowardly baby-man.. come and visit me in person and see THEN what will you say face to face? oh-- yeah-- I know.. you're afraid to do that.. you're just a big man commenting on the internet anonymously- right? but in person you got NO guts NO smarts.. and obviously ZERO abilities right- cause if you did you'd be busy working instead of posting childish cowardly slander here right? So.. I DARE you to do something big man.. can you? nah.. we all know who you are.. just sit back-- drink another beer that your wife paid for.. and get drunk again so you can convince yourself how TOUGH you are to make anonymous comments here right? hahahahaha ok baby man... waiting for you to show up ....but we ALL KNOW you won't cause you are another simple loser who is a COWARD and AFRAID to even post his real name.. I mean come on baby-man.. if you are so right-- then why afraid to post your name? ...maybe cause you're lying right? and you don't have the money to pay a lawyer to defend yourself in court right? hahahah ok ok.. go back to your beer baby man. Enough said right? you gonna keep your mouth shut now right? baby man?

Public readers.. even if this jerk didn't wish to publish his real name for whatever reasons.. hahaha.. in any case.. this person could easily submit his comments and complaints to the Department of Education - explain his comments and have an investigation done- and then publish it here-- so why doesn't this CONCERNED person do that? cause he is a fake liar.. a huge liar who hides in the darkness afraid of his own shadow.. posts anonymously with big comments tough concerned parent comments.. yet.. if he cared so much- file a complaint to Deped.. I DARE HIM.. DOUBLE DARE HIM DO IT>. take action and publish the results here... but he won't ladies and gentleman.. another case of sour grapes only...

#4 Parent James Luko - 2018-03-29
Re Saint Paul American Cult School, Clark Pampanga,Philippines

Hhahahahah WHAT is a "Serbian Genocide Denier" what does that mean? Secondly- SHADY character? hahahahahah,, ok explain that one to me? I've had THREE jobs in my life, the Canadian Defense Department (with clearance)--- oh wow.. do you think they hire SHADY characters? I was an officer with the United Nations from 1994-2006... DO you think in ALL THOSE YEARS.. they didn't identify me as a SHADY character? hahahah what a joke.. OK.. and now...TEN YEARS with St Paul American School.. wow you'd think AFTER 10 years they would realize im "shady" ah?? hahahaahh

YOU KNOW who is SHADY? People who comment bullshit here with just about a ZERO education in their lifetime and then.. you guys are such bleeding sucking little COWARDS you don't even wish to PUT YOUR NAME to the defamations and slander you throw about in public.. PUT YOUR NAME here and I"LL SEE YOU IN COURT you little COWARD mommy hugging cowards little freaky little kids who couldn't make it in the real world. I have a distinguished career in public service and WOULD SUE THE CRAP out of you if you put your name to your slander here-- and tell me WHAT IS SHADY about Mr. Luko?? can you answer that? can you put your REAL NAME to that you little coward hiding little nose picking backwater jerk offs... YOU ARE SO AFRAID to put your names here aren't you- WHY cause you know i'd sue the HELL OUT OF YOU if you were MAN ENOUGH to put your name here as I do.. so tell us all oh wise one-- EXPLAIN what 'exactly' is SHADY about Mr. Luko? A distinguished career with the Canadian government and RISKED his life to be an investigator for HUMAN RIGHTS during the war in Bosnia.. what in the hell is SHADY about that? come on now MR BIGSHOT mr TOUGH GUY hiding in the shadows.. tell me WHO is shady ME or YOU? YOu are the little coward afraid to attach their name to these big public attacks-- OH big man ah.. but AFRAID as a Stinking COWARD COWARD that you are to put your name here -- so first. announce to us-- as we know who you are-- but announce to the public WHO are YOU? hahahahha you afraid you little coward... second: IF what you say is TRUE about Mr Luko being SHADY-- BOOM take some ACTION TOUGH GUY BIG MAN.. take some action instead of hiding behind a fake name like mabuhay-- PUT YOUR NAME to your SLANDER and take action- put in a complaint to DEPED about ME being a SHADY character- I DARE yOU -- I DOUBLE DARE you stinking coward.. go to the police.. go to Department of Education.. Go to NACEL.. Go to the Public Defender come on big man-- take action if ONE stinking WORD of what you say is true about Mr Luko- just ONE word.. then take action big man-- IF NOT.. go back to your mommy little boy coward and shut your mouth.

#5 Parent lukowine - 2016-11-19
Re Saint Paul American Cult School, Clark Pampanga,Philippines

I remember not so long ago there was a post about Saint Paul 'Cult' school Philippines, James Luko Genocide denier and Luko wines?

A Korean teacher also killed himself at the Clark,Pampanga Philippines School.I would withdraw my kids from that weird cult school for that reason alone.

How does The Department of Education allow these rubbish establishments to operate?

mabuhay - 2016-11-18
Saint Paul American Cult School, Clark Pampanga,Philippines

I am a parent and my kids have been at this school for several years. Everything was fine and my kids loved the school until the new headmaster Ed Lavelle was hired. I know this man from before as a teacher from last year. I really couldn't understand why he was promoted to headmaster, because he was a passive aggressive jerk as a teacher so of course when he was promoted he only got worse. In addition, in my opinion he is completely unqualified to be headmaster.

In September this man accused my daughter of stealing, and with zero proof interrogated and verbally attacked her getting in her face and yelling. He also used these gestapo tactics with her younger sister who is only in grade 7. I mean who yells at a kid? My daughters were in tears. Who does that. I was beyond angry. I went to the school to try and figure this out, and when I was there Lavelle yelled at me. I couldn't believe what was happening after all I have six kids at that school and I am paying a lot of money to send them there. Somehow Ed Lavelle and his wife Katie Lavelle are now in charge of both the elementary and the high school.

After my confrontation with Ed my wife had a incident where she was bringing food to my kids in elementary school, and she was accosted by Katie Lavelle. My wife felt threatened and intimidated by this woman. After that I received threatening emails and messages from this man. After all this I have decided to remove my children from the school as it is clear he doesn't know what he is doing and has no business running a school.

If you choose to send your kids to this school good luck.The owner of this school is Daryl Shim a Korean who may be using this school as a money laundering racket. There is also another shady character James Luko, who is a known Serbian Genocide denier.

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