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Newbie uae - 2018-03-29

Well, it is that time of year when the local yokels whip together for a random culling of ESL teachers. This years random and utterly baffling dismissals have got us all stumped. 11 teachers inexplicably fired from the Al Gizz campus, 4 inexplicably sacked from the Al Reef campus, and 8 from Al Ain campus. Again, not one had breached any rules, not one had been handed final warnings and not one deserved what they got.

Sat high in his ivory tower, the ADVETI Mullah swished his pen over unread reasons and totally unfounded reasons for dismissing teaching professionals who are far more qualified and experienced than the dress wearing, tea sipping, foul breath having MA of ADVETI himself. Like that, and like countless others the years before, hardworking British, American, Austrailian, Canadian, South Africa and Irish teachers thrown to the wolves at the request of useless Emirati managers with high school diplomas all bought and paid for, their western brown nosing managers hanging onto their every word and whim. ADVETI is the worst pile of festering camel shite ever squeezed into being. A corrupt, lying, robbing organization that was specifically designed to keep the useless, ill-mannered, uneducated, idiotic local youths off of the streets. This company is terrible and utterly depressing to work for. Stay clear, you will be lied to and bullied from the get go. Emiratis are natural liars and the most dishonest people you could ever meet!

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