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#1 Parent tom - 2017-04-06
Re: International College Huangshi China

Do not work for the International College of Hubei Normal University in Huangshi! Kelly Xu Yan and the principal are not good people. Avoid this place.

#2 Parent Turino - 2009-05-18
Re: International College Huangshi China

Excellent post,Adrian.I've also been through what you've been through working for 'an international college' in China. It's astonishing how so many Chinese parents can be taken for a ride so easily by their own kind when you contrast their great and unwarranted distrust of louwai.So I don't feel sorry for the victims.
If you'd continued to work for International College,Huangshi,you'd have been assisting the director and his crooked staff to perpetuate their scam.Good on you that you stood up to them and cast their ropey job aside.I take it you'd found a decent one before you did so!

Adrian Keefe - 2009-05-17
International College Huangshi China

This so called college posits itself as being part of Hubei Normal University. It isn't. It is a private and fraudulently run institution that uses 'foreign teachers' as a marketing ploy to get optimistic parents to enrol their under-educated kids in the hope the result will be a degree from an overseas university.
My wife and I were contacted by a woman who calls herself Kelly [Xu Yan] and acts as the friendly face of a Captain Queeg character who sits nehind a closed door with the word Principal on it. One lie after another. No promises were fulfilled after we travelled from Australia to Huangshi in Hubei Province. I was initially led to a dungeon in the sky and told it was my accommodation. I refused it. My dogs would not be comfortable there I told Kelly. I was then put in a motel with leaking toilet that was never fixed. After that we were put into a flat outside the campus. A tiny elephant lived above us. We could never sleep. The fridge, washing machine, kettle etc didn't work The bed was a strip of wood with a sheet over it. The TV didn't work. Flying ants filled the flat. Construction began at 3am outside the flat.
The majority of the students couldn't speak any English, yet we were expected to teach them business management and half the classroom time was devoted to diary writing. The students hadn't a clue 5and this so called college couldn't give a care.
I was told to tell the college when I thought it needed advice. I did. They listened with smiles. Nothing was done. I resigned, gave more than a month's notice and was summarily sacked with no pay.
I saw a law firm. This law firm called itself Humanism Lawyers. They were in league with the college. Nothing was done. All were corruptly involved with one another.
W Q[deleted] is the name of the Principal of this International College of Hubei Normal University. He is the Captain Queeg of Academics. He doesn't look you in the eye. He has his minions do his dirty work.
Avoid this place, and avoid these people.

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