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#1 Parent nguyen - 2017-06-10
Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

Wow was notified by somebody in my facebook about this. The Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam Thai Binh Duong center Vietnam link from hroth does not seem to work?

Gúys, however here is the correct link ;)

#2 Parent Observer - 2017-06-01
Re: Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

The links you provided open on a white page with the note "You must create a channel to upload videos. Create a channel"

#3 Parent Hroth - 2017-06-01
Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

HIRED & FIRED in Vietnam ! >:(

find on YouTube :

" HIRED & FIRED! "Teaching" ESL in Vietnam With Contract ! " :b

#4 Parent mickymick - 2017-04-25
Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

Too many foreigners or foreign teachers in popular places lowering costs for students and salaries for teachers. Supply and demand kicks in in combination with lack of work ethics cq respect and regulation means good money for the scam center owners. Students learning or teacher happiness is not really on the agenda. They do because they can. Especially in esl booming Vietnam. Vietnamese News websites advertise mainly positive pictures of the esl market and more centers are opening every day so more teachers come. The center owners driving fancy cars and building luxury apartments. You being replaced is basically just a matter of time no matter how many degrees you own. Esl teachers come and go. The circle is round.

#5 Parent HROTH - 2017-04-20
Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

I very much appreciate what you wrote regarding TBD, as it describes exactly what my experience was with them here at the Long Khanh center. I had been a teacher there for eight months, with a three year contract which I had signed after a probationary period of three full months of teaching. My visa was up for renewal at the same time as TET holiday, and the school new this. My request was for them to help me to finance this, as they had done previously. Instead was told that there was no need to, and, by the way, we're ending your contract! I asked "on what grounds"? Was given a couple of bogus reasons which they would NOT be able to substantiate materially, but which provided them potential legalistic cover; as if much of anything they do there is entirely 'above board' ?!? I made objection by numerous e-mails, and a couple of meetings, but to no avail. They simply had decided, and no longer cared that I was being put in real physical jeopardy, both financially and physically. [as of this moment, still am].

Frankly, quite shocked! Not once in the eight months that I worked there did I take a 'sick day', and outright missed only two classes [once was caught in traffic from Saigon; other, misread the schedule]. Twice I had been egregiously late (e.g. over 25 minutes) due to taxis not picking me up. Pretty good track record for an eight month period, I would say. But loyalty and dedication doesn't seem to matter enough to them when they see an opportunity to cut a NES from the payroll and replace him with someone from a NON NES country, e.g. Romania/Poland/Russia/Czech Rep. or Philippines. cheaper by 25%!!!


Everything you posted was spot on with what happened! were you at the Long Khanh Center?

#6 Parent Caruso - 2017-03-28
Re Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

There are many such scams out there. Principally, any private training school could be.
Do your research and be wary of their scams!

RandyWoing - 2017-03-27
Pacific Ocean ELT Vietnam

What goes around sometimes comes around for education scams. Schools actions, and i mean the bad ones, will often have consequences for these schools in the end. Organisations like Vietnamese Pacific Ocean ELT, Thái bình dương or Thai Binh Duong education school, center, jobs or centers in Dongnai and Saigon, Vietnam are actively breaking Vietnamese law by putting individual teacher employees at risk of being heavily fined, arrested or deported because they lie about paperwork or they just don't do any paperwork at all and lies about legal ways to get a work permit. Most teachers with degrees are underpaid and usually fired before a holiday period like the TET lunar new year. The school or center doesn't have holiday money costs this way. No books, and you pay for all teaching materials yourself. Unfair currency exchange rates from US dollar to vietnamese dong is another trick often tried. The school might charge you an exorbitant amount of accommodation rent if you rent a room through them. ESL Teaching jobs and schools in Dongnai, Hochiminh, Vietnam? Do some online research first. I,m not a teacher myself but used to be part of the staff in the office.

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