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r - 2017-03-14

To everybody this is a Stern Warning.. If you are going to apply for a online esl company like English Ninjas you better think before you apply.. This company wants you to believe that this is a good online ESL company that treats all of their employees fair. Honestly They do not.
For new Applicants where if you are a Native Speaker living in a Different country just be careful when Applying because Their Customer reps are very rude and they discriminate against persons who were born in a English Speaking Countries and those native Speakers living in another country now as expats. This company They used What app devices for all of their tutors and most of Their tutors get the run around and They go through native speakers just left and right with out letting them have that opportunity to start.

So be careful because a company like this from is not a place where you want to go to and you as a teacher will not get paid on time via paypal most of my colleagues had delayed in their salaries. from time to time..

Good luck to all of you..

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