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#1 Parent milleady - 2017-03-12
Re Moon English in Cáceres, Spain

Update: I took the job, I have been working at Moon English for 6 months now, and have just confirmed a second academic year with them. My experience has been thoroughly positive. Since the recruitment process the Director and her husband, who also works at the school, have been extremely supportive in easing the transition, from helping with official paperwork to assisting with general settling-in tasks such as opening a bank account and finding a GP. They have both lived in Caceres a long time, so therefore know a lot of people and are happy to recommend trusted contacts for a teacher's needs. My landlady is an ex-student of the school and we were introduced by the school Director. I am very pleased with the recommendation as she has been one of the best landladies I have rented from. The workload is very manageable, and textbooks and resources are provided by the school. There's a relaxed friendly atmosphere among the team, and we usually share ideas (and cake!) in the staff room. The students are motivated and eager to participate, and there are regular opportunities for the parents to check in and communicate with teachers, so building connections is rarely a problem. Caceres is a small friendly city with lots of places to visit nearby. The lifestyle here is relaxed with plenty of great bars and cafes and the countryside is a short distance away, it's a traditional place where businesses close for siesta and on Sundays so it can be quiet at times. It gets a lot of Spanish tourists on holidays so the old town is lively at weekend and on public holidays. There are lots of small festivals here also, which are a lot of fun. The only downside to living in Caceres is that getting to airports can be a trek, but I am happy to put up with it to live in such a pretty place. Travelling to school is easy, it's on a regular bus route, which is very cheap (70c per trip with a 'bonobus' card), or it's possible to walk, weather permitting, in about 30 minutes from the centre. Everywhere else is easily accessed on foot and Caceres is a pleasant place to walk around, albeit slightly hilly so cycling may be harder work! Overall I am really pleased with my lifestyle here. I hope this review is helpful, if anyone has any questions just leave a comment.

milleady - 2016-07-18
Moon English in Cáceres, Spain

Has anyone got some information on Moon English in Cáceres, Spain? I have had pleasant interaction with the Director and the staff she recommended I contact. I want to find some feedback independently too but it's difficult to find any reviews online.

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