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#1 Parent Bad Teacher - 2017-03-10
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

Apparently they treat the teachers even worse.

The management is probably racist.

Good luck finding a new teacher!!

#2 Parent Jane - 2017-02-25
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

Yeah for sure.

Unless cutting silly pieces of paper into 'cute' shapes is your idea of a good time then this program isn't for you.

Not so much the AFS program - I'm all for experiencing different cultures. Just not Shimen Middle School.

What a shit school and an even worse host - our friend Jenny:

Be at the very least informed.

#3 Parent Pictures - 2017-01-28
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

I just thought I'd add some pictures of the living quarters to shed some light.

'Kitchen' - 'laundry' and toilet.

The 'Kitchen' doesn't have a stove and was filthy, washing machine doesn't work. When it does get 'fixed' it takes no more than 5 items of clothing. Oh yeah, toilet doesn't work either. Toilet seat is broken and toilet doesn't flush.

Yeah - top class school alright.

This is the teachers accommodation 'suitable for a family'.


#4 Parent I hate Shimen - 2017-01-12
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

Which campus were you at? Huangqi or Shishan? I was in the Primary section in Shishan many years ago. I've never seen double standards like this. The school expects teachers to honour the contract to the letter of the law and even the smallest breach like being 5 minutes late once will likely get them punished with a "fine". However if teachers work more hours than contracted or don't receive free Chinese lessons per contract, the school gives them nothing in return and if they complain they accuse the teachers of being unfair and selfish.

#5 Parent Joshua - 2017-01-12
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

Its amazing how many people come out of the wood work when a can of worms is opened like this.

Such a pity how people come from around the world to experience new cultures and have worldly experiences only to be treated badly and have a grotty time.

I am considering taking a job with this school, seems they need teachers but after what comes up on google it's clearly somewhere to stay well clear of.

#6 Parent Ian - 2017-01-11
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

My favorite was definitely the showers!

It was winter when we were which means there is less sun than in summer and obviously colder which makes for an awesome shower hour. Not to mention, taking a shower with like 100 other Chinese students is also fun times.

Oh yes...Jenny. What a a fun person, she was like a granny with a young face - kinda. My granny was more exciting.

#7 Parent Shane - 2017-01-11
Re AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

The food right?? - false advertising man.

You would think the food would be amazing as Chinese food is generally good - Noooooooo...

I saw one girl (what's the word when your really sad or disappointed?) anyway, she pulled something from her food which caused a bit of commission as it was moving. Agh, it makes me nauseous thinking of it...every time.

What's up with that?

Oh yeah and don't forget the cold showers - gear up for some nice refreshing cold showers.

Turns out the water is heated by solar panels which is great for he environment and energy consumption. However the environment in the area doesn't allow the sun through the smog very often and when I say very often I mean I saw the sun once the entire time I was there. A rare day of blue sky's. So prepare yourself for that as well.

It seems China is pretty polluted and it's not over rated by the media, if anything it's under rated. It's dirty!!

Talking of dirty prepare yourself to see children urinating and deficating in the street and sometimes indoors. Yes that yellow puddle you see in the elevator - not lemonade....oh God and the spitting.

The sound of hacking and spitting is not imprinted in my mind forever - ggggggggh - spat!! Lovely....

I could go on all day about how they scream - talk to each other, the general lack of respect for themselves and anything else for that matter or the fact lying for them is as natural as chewing food...which they don't do...

Wow this is turning into a rant I didn't expect...okay so when you do get taken out to a restaurant which is pretty much all the outings you wil get as its mutual beneficial as they seem to enjoy the slop served there with with the occasional tolerable dish you get subjected to the sound of heavy slurping.

But just bare in mind that the sound is emphasized, accompanied with the smacking of lips to ensure that everyone within 5km is aware they are enjoying their food.

To that effect the scream/talking I learnt whilst researching it on the Internet is to show they are having a good time. It seems that unless everyone around them can see and hear them been obscenely obnoxious then they cannot be having a good time....

I respected the Chinese a lot more before I went to China.

I'm not sure if the experience with other schools would be better and to be honest a comfy bed in a nice room with hot water to shower in and good food would probably have made a difference.

Maybe if we had someone other than our friend Jenny taking care of us with all her wonderful craft lessons and cooking lessons it would have been slightly different. It looks like taking care of the foreign students is a great honor and for her it's the same as eating and having a good time, as long as everyone around knows she is so spectacular then it doesn't actually matter how the kids are doing.

Dismal time is about right - thanks for wasting time I can never get back Jenny.

Talk about false advertising man.

Brandon - 2017-01-08
AFS - Foshan Shimen Middle School

I had a dismal time with my visit to China with this school.

There is nothing around the school, nothing to do, nothing to see.

They put you in pretty shifty dorms and the food is borderline dangerous.

If I could advise anyone about this program - go somewhere else. Not worth it .

I really regret coming to China, very disappointing.

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