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#1 Parent mark Dullea - 2017-03-19
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

Tis pity that some of the pompous twat academic types and the 'born again' crowd don't realize this! Oh yeah I forgot, they came here to 'make a difference'-not make money. And, of course, to have their ego's massaged. This semester SCIC has them all [those teaching year 1 of the scam] doing the most ludicrous 'split shifts'-with a class at 7.50 until 9.30 am, followed by a gruelling 'break' until 7.30 pm when they have another almost 2 hour session. Oh well, I suppose the hours in between allow those unfortunate writing teachers to grade all those essays and writing journals!

#2 Parent Silverboy - 2017-03-15
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

As usual Mr Care Bear your post does not make much sense. Enjoy your boring and sexless married life in China.

I'll be in Pattaya soon.

#3 Parent Danny - 2017-03-13
Re: Re SCIC - Guangxi University

I always suspected "oral teachers", an awkward phrase in my opinion, of being or not being something else. That's it! They are not "anal teachers".

#4 Parent FTinPRC - 2017-03-13
Re: Re SCIC - Guangxi University

watch your mouth

Oral English teachers always watch their mouth.
Working in Boss Wu English likely requires Anal English teachers.

#5 Parent caring - 2017-03-10
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

Broaden your horizon to discuss scams for your pigboy or silver dog lining sticks to you. Mr. Wu Mao, Dr. Tjaculate, FTs and Unis' programs in China or abroad will get their dough, since our planet turns around dinaro (and of course bodacious tatas). Dishonest behaviors on board or in schools truly hurt, when FTs don't get the overall perspective and students don't acquire the knowledge they need to make the world a better place than it is.

#6 Parent mark Dullea - 2017-03-09
Re: Re SCIC - Guangxi University

Are you Sammy Rong's one-man heavy mob......? Guess what? We ain't in China-we'll discuss and critique as we please... :D

#7 Parent FTinPRC - 2017-03-09
Re: Re SCIC - Guangxi University

Wu Laoban,
In life, one must choose between Cerberus' heads: greed, fame, or justice.
Trump's madness is because he chose two.
Enjoy your wealth. Do not delude yourself that it is just.
In China, it is no longer glorious to be rich.

#8 Parent Wu - 2017-03-09
Re: Re SCIC - Guangxi University

watch your mouth

#9 Parent FTinPRC - 2017-03-09
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

The question here is 'why' are all these students suddenly exposed to a
difficult IELTS test halfway through a semester?

Control of the school is a mysterious matrix between the strange Canadian 'founder', the SCIC Dean and the administrators of Xida. The SCIC Chinese staff and teachers can barely hide their contempt for the Chinese Canadian founder who is Trump-like in his arrogance and self-promotion. I suspect that seniors members of Xida feel the same way about him, and perhaps about SCIC itself.

The Dean, a lovely woman, has visions of SCIC becoming a genuine preparatory college for students to study overseas. Given that essentially the entire student body has no intent to study overseas and SCIC's one marketing point is entry into Xida, this is a delusion.

The founder/buffoon's income is generated predominately by the affiliated IELTS company. All Chinese students are grade fanatics; many seek IELTS classes to improve their internal SCIC grades.

Students taking 'IELTS-lite' exams feeds both the Dean's hopeless aspirations and the founder's purse.

#10 Parent Silverboy - 2017-03-09
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

100 per cent correct. Yes, why the hell are these students even learning IELTS in the first place? Classes of engineering students and others, most of whom have no intention of living or working overseas are forced to do stupid IELTS exams. They have their regular English classes like at most universities so why be made to study IELTS?

If students want to do IELTS they can decide to go and waste their money directly at the main SCIC branch or the Sunshine 100 office or go to Global or some other rip-off scam IELTS centre.
It should not be forced upon them.

#11 Parent mark Dullea - 2017-03-08
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

True regarding the listening midterm during semester 1. Students who had been doing pretty well with the listening exercises + vocabulary in the textbooks were suddenly given a week of 'prep classes' for the mid term IELTS test-as if this could in any way prepare them for the actual IELTS exam-which most of them understandably achieved very low scores in. Of course these low scores had to be 'artificially inflated' by the teaching staff to fall within the 75-84% required level that all students must attain. More ridiculous work. The question here is 'why' are all these students suddenly exposed to a difficult IELTS test halfway through a semester? A test that is totally unrelated to, and way above the level of English that they have been studying up to that point!

#12 Parent Silverboy - 2017-03-07
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

No, these are actually real IELTS listening and writing exams. Non SCIC teachers at GXU do their own lesson plans. I have seen the IELTS exam papers before at GXU. GE3 and GE4 IELTS speaking textbooks in used in the SCIC Guangxi University classes. I just posted on here to warn prospective FT's that both Guangxi University and SCIC are a sham and a scam.

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