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#1 Parent Jake - 2018-05-07
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

Hello Mark,

Thank you for sharing your experience at GXU-SCIC. I was offered a position at GXU-SCIC and I signed the contract, but have since been having second thoughts, especially with an even more lucrative offer on the table. I noticed you mentioned that you "opted-out" after the first semester. Does that mean you cancelled your contract? If it does, would you be willing to share how that happened logistically? Did they make you pay a fee? And is this a common occurrence at GXU?

Thank you!

#2 Parent Silverboy - 2017-03-07
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

I also know about those stupid mid-term IELTS exams that SCIC teachers working at Guangxi University have to carry out. Some teachers were asked to do two of them within a three month period.

The writing and listening tests are among the most illogical and obscure I'd ever come across. I also know that the teachers were ordered to give students a minimum grade of 75 per cent, ( in both IELTS and non-IELTS exams ) so even if they are the dumbest bastards ever ( many are ) they still get 75 per cent. Guangxi University lost any credibility it once had by getting involved with SCIC. It was already a shit university BEFORE involvement with SCIC.

This outright scam between SCIC and Guangxi University needs to be heavily publicized. These people are nothing but cheats and scammers and liars who should be in prison IMO. Agree also that the salaries at both SCIC and GXU are rubbish, 8000 rmb a month ( as of August 2016 ) according to a source of mine is shit pay in Nanning these days.

#3 Parent Silverboy - 2017-03-07
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

All I can say is that both SCIC and Guangxi University are shit and are both nothing but money making scams. GXU is a third rate university, even by Chinese standards.

Even Chinese students laugh out loud when they here Guangxi University being described as "prestigious". It is nothing of the sort.

#4 Parent FTinPRC - 2017-03-07
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

The tuition is three times the tuition of Xida and the majority of the students are admitted to Xida as Sophomores after two years at SCIC. If they choose an English major, which few do, they become Juniors at Xida.

They go to SCIC precisely because they were unable to enter Xida directly with their GaoKao scores. SCIC enables them to graduate with a Xida degree. This doesn't look very good for Xida, which is why I think SCIC entry is limited to Guangxi students.

Yes, IELTS is a money making deal for everyone involved, except of course the students.

I think the crazy number of foreign teachers would be valuable for students that planned to study overseas once they left SCIC, but few if any actually do. In fact, few if any are actually interested in English. The majority want to be Accounting or Engineering majors in Xida.

Christian missionaries are consistent in their goal in China: proselytizing. The teachers have surreptitious dinners with students and invite them to the Christian churches in Nanning. I too wonder why Xida risks exposure given Xi Jinping's recent university scrutiny.

#5 Parent mark Dullea - 2017-03-06
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

Just to add that the students who enroll in this 2 year mockery are paying a huge wedge to gain entry into the proper undergraduate programme. I've no idea why the regular classes undertaken were kind of side tracked at 'mid term' point and the students were suddenly taking 'IELTS style' tests-using actual IELTS material, which they mostly failed miserably, causing a further headache to the staff who had to 'bump up' their scores to fall within the 75-84% expectations of the college?!! I can only take it that Sammy Rong [original investor/owner] is charging the students extra for actual IELTS prep...which they absolutely aren't really doing. Crappy pseudo-academia, poxy salary for the amount of work expected, and shithouse accommodation was more than I could stomach after only 1 semester. I'm curious as to the agenda of the 'christian missionary heads'....? Not so long ago they would have been sent packing-saw it happen back in Dalian 2004.

#6 Parent Silverboy - 2017-03-06
Re SCIC - Guangxi University

I never worked there ( SCIC ) but I worked at Guangxi University for a year several years ago. I lived in the area ( Xi Xiang Tang ) till mid-2015. I know about that shit accommodation, I've seen it and know people who lived in it. I assume you were only working inside the university and not at the SCIC building in Huoju Lu next to the Comfort Inn ( I think ) hotel ? ( the road that runs parralel to the uni and runs into the "snack street" )

Yes, Guangxi University and SCIC also only like to hire white people. I know this for a fact. I will tell you stay away from working at Guangxi University itself also. It is run by incompetent and lazy fools who know nothing.

I still know people who worked there in 2016, it is still shit. The "professors" there are thick and dumb as dog shit and can't answer simple questions about grammar.

There is an "associate professor" there who does not know the difference between "can't" and "cunt". She is still there. Agree also that Guangxi University ( not just SCIC ) is full of Christian Fundamentalist types. You see the fat ugly snobbish and older Western Christian female teachers at the nearby Starbucks every lunchtime.

Guangxi University teachers also used to regularly hang out at "Secret" Bar in the Yang Guang 100 residential and entertainment complex ( now a shadow of it's former glory and a total dump ) They were stuck up and entitled fuckers. If you are a long time Nanning ex-pat you will know this place, opposite where the old "Just for You" cafe and bar was. JFU was a great place, I met two former Chinese GF's there. The Friday steak nights, Saturday night KTV, the Sunday all day buffet and drinking sessions, great memories! It later became 80/90 in 2013.

#7 Parent FTinPRC - 2017-03-05
Re SCIC - Guangxi University


Thanks for the information.

I also did a year with the program and moved on. I agree with all your observations, though I felt that the housing at the time was adequate.

I too taught writing; fortunately I had that course second semester which at the time was dedicated to 'creative writing'. The course load and the administrative tasks were significantly more than most colleges require.

Unlike several other posters, I enjoyed Nanning and the fact the Xida campus is not too far from the 'old' downtown and is surrounded by urban environs.

I've spoken of missionary FTs on this forum several times; SCIC has more than its share.

One additional unusual aspect of SCIC is that ALL the students in the program are from Guangxi which I felt was not to their benefit, making the classes almost like a senior high school where many of the students go home one weekends. This, added to the fact that SCIC is only a two year program the leads to enrollment in Xida gave the student body a junior college feel.

mark Dullea - 2017-03-05
SCIC - Guangxi University

As a recent non-returnee to the Sino-Canadian International money making programme at Guangxi University, I would like to offer my own experience working for these guys, and why I decided to opt out at the end of the 1st semester.

First of all this place has a huge annual turnover of staff, although the 'white christian element' seem to remain for a number of years. Nothing against christians- but you do have to wonder 'why'?!

Another interesting fact is that in the whole 15 years of its existence only white caucasian faces have ever been hired. Several people, well qualified and experienced have been turned down as potential employees, due to the colour of their skin, it would seem.....this isn't mere speculation-I know of a mixed race couple who applied to work there together. Both had similar credentials and experience. The dark individual received a response with the most ludicrous justification as to why they couldn't be hired, while the white female was welcomed with open arms.

Accommodation is pretty much 'hit and miss' with the few long-termers, [and I'm talking here about those who sign for a 2nd year] living in decent apartments-while the 'newbies' are typically housed in old slum conditions with broken furniture and mold infested bathrooms.

Workload - again, it's notable that the 'newbies' are typically given academic writing classes upon arrival, which means hours of grading over the course of a semester. 80+ students, one essay per week to grade... + tests and exams-the disparity between the workloads of teachers at this College is ridiculous!

Overall, the only thing that I can say on a positive note is that they pay on time, between 6-8 thou per month. But again-given that most new arrivals for next year will be lumbered with the 1st year academic writing classes, it's a lot of work for very little, when you consider most government Uni positions will have the teachers focusing exclusively on developing the students oral capabilities. :(

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