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#1 Parent Lu - 2017-06-27
Re Star Teachers Recruitment (

Hi There

I'm considering star teachers , I dont have any friends in or family in China , I'm trying to avoid a bad experience , please tell me your friend was okay when she got to China ?

#2 Parent Frustrated - 2017-03-02
Re Star Teachers Recruitment (

This guy, Jeff is the worst of the worst. Star teachers is probably the most illigitimate recruitment company out there.

They made my friend fly to China and thereafter no communication

Jeff Lee is a criminal. Do not use their services

The worst >:(

#3 Parent Englishgal - 2016-08-02
Re Star Teachers Recruitment (

We have tried also with a guy called Jeff Lee

He seems so disorganized and tried to reel us in to a job then changed the details last minute!

#4 Parent fatty - 2015-04-23
Re Star Teachers Recruitment (

I contacted them and they set up a skype interview with me.
I got online at the allocated time and my contact was online so I waited until he was ready to call
... and waited... and waited... and then he went offline >:(

They operate out of korea but advertise jobs for China.
I'm in China but the contact was in Korea so I had to be ready for my interview according to korean time.
You'd think they could afford to hire someone in China to do interviews!
They have decent jobs advertised but don't seem organised!

Karen - 2015-03-02
Star Teachers Recruitment (

Has anyone dealt with Star Teachers Recruitment. Bad or Good.

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