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#1 Parent jesus - 2017-06-15
Re: Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

I worked there 2 years ago, i taught a writing class and student would not write or even bring a pen to class.

The worst students in china. Also wuxi is a well designed city but has terrible pollution. I did no teaching in this school, but all students graduate by doing nothing

The canadian school just wants the money

#2 Parent steve - 2017-06-14
Re Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

What is wrong with it? Did you work there?

#3 Parent Sold - 2017-02-28
Re Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

it's still crap

#4 Parent Tupak - 2009-07-21
Re: Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

I just left Lambton in Wuxi. You need to give this school a wide margin as it is the lowest of the low.

Forget about it being affiliated with a Canadian school, it has no effect on how low the people who run this school are. I am talking about both the Chinese AND Canadians.

The Chinese care nothing about education - it's all about money and giving pieces of paper to the students who pay.

The Canadians offer no support and just show up with a suitcase once in a while to collect their earnings.

The students care nothing about education and are just spoiled little brats who cheat and are totally lazy.

You want to avoid this place big time. Take the advice, no matter how tough the job market is Lambton is the lowest of the low.

#5 Parent Billy Bob - 2009-06-21
Re: Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

I must agree with my collegeus on this one. Lampton College is far from a college or any similar word pertaining to education. Most students are lazy and the office staff are incapable of handeling even the smallest task. Emails do go unanswered, however not from all.. Alana was the worst of all office staff members. She consistently ignores emails or teacher request.. Perhaps it is due to her lack of proficiency in the English language. Lampton's tuition rates are around 25,000 per semster or year I'm not really sure on that one, but for that much money the student get only a scraps worth of education. The classrooms are antigue, student to teacher ratio is high and textbooks are outdated or irrelevant to Chinese students. The administration really doesn't nuture student/teacher interaction with any after hour activities. Like one writer mentioned in another post, Lampton is simply a cash cow and the certificate it provides is meaningless. I do feel sorry for the students that do go abroad, they shall soon have a eye opening experience as to how ineffective their days at Lampton were spent. Granted, most students here spend their time either sleeping in or out of class, on the internet or aimlessly walking around campus, so the entire blame cannot be placed upon the teachers.

#6 Parent Jessica - 2009-06-04
Re: Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

I work at Lambton.

It is the worst place in the world and I can't wait to get out of here.

I don't advise anyone to every consider working there.

#7 Parent Mike - 2009-05-24
Re: Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

I have been working at Lambtob in Wuxi for the past 2 semesters.

As a teacher in China for 2 years I will say this has got to be the worst outfit I have ever had the displeasure to work at.

Lambton is the bottom of the bottom in every possible way and I would not recommend this pace to my worst enemy.

Before I taught here I read some pretty bad reviews and thought that those former Lambton teachers must have had personal issues with life but the truth is Lambton College is horrible in every possible and imaginable way.

Nor support from Lambton in Canada and all the Chinese administrators care about is money.

The administration do absolutely nothing at Lambton, are lazy and totally corrupt and basically don't care what you teach and just try to rip off as much money from EVERYONE as they can.

STAY AWAY FROM LAMBTON. if you don't believe me email me. Please.

#8 Parent David Soul - 2009-05-14
Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

I work at Lambton now. Lambton should be avoided by EVERYONE - that means foreign teachers as well as Chinese students.

All they do at Lambton is extort money from the students and offer them low quality education.

It's all about making money for Lambton, not about education.

AVOID IT at all costs.

Teacher turnover is very high and many have pulled midnight runners just to leave.

#9 Parent metoo - 2009-01-02
Re: Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

To be fair, foreign teacher wages are auto-deposited each month into their bank accounts. What you speak of is only a small amount that must be picked up in person from the Academic Office. BUT you are correct that it was not available when it should have been.

I'd say that a few 100 rmb being a few days late isn't the worst thing to happen at Lambton. Let's also mention the ineffective communication between teachers and the various offices. Emails to office staff are rarely responded to, inquiries to Chinese teachers about pressing student issues are ignored. This school and their counterparts in North America need to rethink the way they deal with FTs if they want to improve their retention rate.

On the other hand, why should Lambton bother to fix what is absolutely working for them? The pay for FTs is low, the hours are high. The tuition to Chinese students is high. Seems like a good business deal to me! Plus, in order to pass, all the students have to do is throw more money at the school, and they'll get a Certificate. EVEN THOUGH THEIR ENGLISH LEVEL DOES NOT IMPROVE, THEY ARE MOVED FROM LEVEL TO LEVEL!

Lambton is a language mill, nothing more.

nowinwuxi - 2009-01-01
Lambton College at Jiangnan Univ. Wuxi

Overtime pay was LATE the past two months in a row.

If you are at all interested in being paid on time, look elsewhere for employment!

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