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FTinPRC - 2017-02-20
In response to Re feelin the love (caring)

You're a fine poster but first decisions should be based on what folks want to do rather than "WHERE".

No doubt. But I've spend a lifetime trying to answer my own formative questions: Who am I? How should I live?

I would not presume to attempt to answer those questions for anyone else.

My post was an attempt to aid new FTs in locating Language School jobs without the use of a recruiter. Working in 3rd Tier cities in China and rural areas is certainly an amazing experience, one that I myself have enjoyed. It is, however, difficult to find information online about these thousands of areas and even more difficult to credentialize the information.

I don't think there is anything wrong with first setting foot in China in Qinghai and venturing into a distant city to teach. I simply don't know how to advise a new FT who 'wants to do' his teaching in those regions to locate and evaluate those positions and locations.

I can only advise him not to believe anything that a recruiter tells him about the position, the school, and area.

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