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#1 Parent Scott Michael Krywko - 2017-04-21
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

Hi there. I worked at this school for a year. Can tell you ALLLL about it.

#2 Parent Sarah - 2017-03-26
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

I am also looking for information about this school. I cannot find anything online! Did anyone find any information?

#3 Parent Carmela - 2017-02-19
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

I'm trying to find information about this school. I'm only seeing outdated threads or postings, some saying it changed its name.
I was wondering, since you're the most recent one who has posted about this school and is/will be working there, is there a school website I can check out? Or anywhere else you could direct me to for more info (ie. recruiter, school email, etc.)

#4 Parent Zareeka - 2016-12-14
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

I will be working for this school as well and was wondering how it is going for you?

#5 Parent Emily k - 2015-01-14
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

Hello, I'm thinking about working for CIS however they changed their name to Genius and I was just wondering if the school in daegu is still run by Mr.Kim or if they know anything about their current state. Thanks so much!

#6 Parent biz - 2010-04-30
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

I am a certified teacher and have worked for CIS for 2 years and have had a great experience. The experience of 'Megan' is an isolated incident and does not reflect the experiences of anyone else whom I have come into contact with while working here. In the 2 year span, everyone has received their due taxes, severance pays and letters of recommendations before they left. There has not been an alcoholic working at the school during my time either, nobody has been kicked out of their apartments. It's clear that this teacher only offered a biased account of what happened during her time here, and forgot to mention other aspects of the situation that played a role in the situation.

What is true about this teacher's letter is that she was fired, she was kicked out of her apartment, she didn't receive all of her severance pay. However, what was not included was the fact that she undermined the owner and principal of the school numerous times by sending letters of her opinion of Mr.Kim home with the students for their parents to read, before ever even meeting the man. She based her opinion on 'he say, she say' and that of the former principal whose contract ended before Mr.Kim took over her position here. Once the former principal's contract was ended, she no longer had any say in school matters and was upset by this. Even after sending letters out to the parents, Mr.Kim offered her a new contract, to which she accepted, only to reject in a few days time with higher of them being that she become head of the foreign staff (no such position exists in any CIS). It seems reasonable to think that, in any culture, an employee who tries to close another person's business down is likely to run into some problems.

What applicants need to remember is that they will not be teaching in their home countries. This is a completely different country with completely different standards of expectations and business professionalism. Personally, the whole reason for traveling to another country to teach is the experience of being immersed in something different than you're accustom to. You need to be flexible and willing to bend. Remember, this is a private school and a business. It has an owner who sets out the guidelines, and though some of the things, from an educational standpoint have been in conflict with my personal teaching philosophies (ie - direct transmission of information, rote memorization), it would be difficult or impossible to find a school in Korea that adopts a Western view of education. Regardless, I (and numerous other teachers) have been able to adapt lessons to the set curriculum and make engaging and fun lessons for their students. The children are really the greatest part of the job. You are able to become close with the students and their families and learn more about Korean customs/culture. I have been able to travel to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and China. I have met great friends who I will keep even after this experience. There have been ups and downs while working here, but overall I have had a positive experience and don't regret it at all.

#7 Parent Michele Rothe - 2009-09-14
Re: Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

My daughter just left for Seoul yesterday to work at CIS for Kyoung-Ae Jo. The phone # is 82-31-765-6774. Is this Dr.
Kim? After reading your post, I am certainly concerned. Please share with me any information you may have regarding the school.

As per Megan - 2009-08-23
Canada International School, Uijongbu, South Korea

Re: Black List IN KOREA - Canada International School By:Megan

Do not work for CIS, Canada International School...
Mr. Kim, the owner, doesnt return tax refunds, underpays severance pay, refuses to write letters of recommendations if he doesnt like you but employs alcoholics because they dont complain as much, fires people without warning or pay, will throw you out of your apartment, will cancel your work visa. Mr. Kim lies more then he breathes. He has threatened me on countless occasions and uses intimidation and lying to get his way. There is nothing honorable about this man so if you work with him be warned that he WILL screw you over.

I am a certified teacher, experienced, hard working and loved by students and parents. I was employed at Canada International School (CIS) in Uijongbu, South Korea, for over 2 years. It was a fantastic experience and I loved the students, staff, administration and curriculum. In April of 2009 our principal was fired and the owner of the company, Kim Hyung-Man or Mr. Kim, stepped in to act as principal. CIS has three schools in Korea and at least one school in China.

Within a period of 3 months 10 teachers had quit or were fired directly because of Mr. Kim. (Liz, Linda, Jennifer, Nolan, Amy, Stacy, Hee, Hyung Mi, Lisa and myself) It was obvious that Mr. Kim was a businessman and not an educator. He had no concern for the well being of the staff or students. He extended our teaching hours without pay, he demanded more testing and it was our duty to create these extra evaluation tools. He routinely would give us assignments that were due by the end of the day such as outline everything you have taught in the last 3 months including page numbers and describe what you will be teaching in the next 3 months, due at 6pm.

Shortly after Mr. Kim came to the Uijongbu campus of CIS we had problems with one of our teachers. This teacher left the school during class hours, swore at fellow staff members in the hallways, did not complete his lessons plans on time etc. The situation got so bad that we asked Mr. Kim for help, asked him to talk to him. Mr. Kim told us a story about his other school in Seoul. In Seoul he had a teacher who drank alcohol on the job. BUT the other teachers made him feel so uncomfortable that he quit and Mr. Kim did not need to give him warning letters or fire him. So his suggestion was to take the matter into our own hands. Mr. Kim didnt care that he had just admitted that he allowed a drunk teacher to teach at his school.

Anyway after about a month with Mr. Kim I quit. The school was falling apart, teachers were quitting or being unjustly fired, parents were complaining and students were pulling out because of Mr. Kim. I gave my 60 days notice, according to my contract. Two weeks later was payday. Instead of paying us at lunchtime as we always had, he paid us at the end of the school day. It was on this day that I was informed that I was fired, not getting paid and needed to vacate my apartment. Mr. Kim also said he was calling immigration to cancel my visa.

I got an emergency visa and took the matter to court. My lawyer told me that I was owed 10,000,000 won in unpaid salary, tax refund, and severance pay. The severance pay was underpaid for my first two years at CIS. I didnt know it at the time but CIS was paying my severance based on a 2,000,000 won base salary however it is illegal to do this, severance is based on an average of three months wages, including overtime. By LAW, I was also still owed my tax refund, some teachers have received their refunds, others havent. I had found out that there were schools in Seoul where Mr. Kim had NEVER paid tax refunds. At an average of 1,000,000 a year for tax refunds and 30 teachers who did not receive tax refunds for at least 7 years, thats 210,000,000 won that Mr. Kim STOLE from his teachers, tax fraud.

After spending two months in Korea waiting to receive my wages, tax refund, underpaid severance etc, I was threatened several times by Mr. Kim. He said he was reporting me as illegal to immigration, I was not. He said he would call the Canadian Curriculum board and Id never work again in Canada. He said hed sue me for making trouble for him if I pursued my case. He said hed pay me if I left the country but he told other teachers that if I left without pay he would never have to pay me. I thought that the threat of contacting the Canadian Curriculum board was particularly pathetic since there is no curriculum board, CIS is NOT an international school, and CIS teaches American text books.

Please be warned that Mr. Kim is a pathetic excuse for a human being, CIS is falling apart, people are quitting, parents are pulling their kids out but most of all no one who knows Mr. Kim has any respect for him, including staff, parents and children who call him Stinky Mr. Kimchi. Be warned. Dont deal with the devil.

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