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#1 Parent no-fluff - 2018-03-29
Re VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China

Any news about VU? They seem to be recruiting year-round for their campuses in China, yet it's hard to find decent info (reviews) about them!

#2 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-02-18
Re VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China

The last comment seems legitimate, it's common knowledge that former students visit teachers'
forums religiously.

And the content itself, nothing suspicious about it at all.

I've been teaching in Chinese universities for a decade and if ONE of my 3000+ students actually visited this forum once I would be shocked AND horrified.

Both your post and the one you are replying to are not 'suspicious'; they are both obviously placed by VU Liaoning.

Beyond the obvious shilling, you do raise an interesting point: Is it possible for a school that is a horrendous place for FT employment to be a valuable resource for students?

I suspect that may be the case since in every school the great majority of actual teaching is done by Chinese teachers.

This forum, however, is dedicated to providing information for FTs, not critiquing the academic success of Chinese schools.

#3 Parent Yo - 2017-02-18
Re VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China

The last comment seems legitimate, it's common knowledge that former students visit teachers' forums religiously.

And the content itself, nothing suspicious about it at all. ;)

#4 Parent Missy - 2016-12-16
Re VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China

I worked and left this program not so long ago, and I must say that while the program is not perfect, it is certainly one of the best I've worked for in China. It's sad that you didn't appreciate your time in the program as I had a totally different experience. The students I had were mostly good, with the exception of course, of those who were not motivated to be in the class and were not really putting much effort into their studies. The Filipino coordinator who is managing the program is hands-down the most pleasing, professional and down-to-earth boss I've ever had. Some of the teachers I worked with differed in attitude and level of professionalism, but which organization doesn't have such variance in their teaching team? They are not perfect just like the program, but I would never label them as losers. A lot of them actually, are highly-qualified teachers who are genuinely passionate about teaching. However, I did hear about at least three teachers who were either sacked or not renewed of their contracts. One was an American who constantly deviated from the curriculum and had her students come to her private accommodation for 'extra English activities'. Then there's the Irish dude who chose not to follow the rules of the program and was allegedly sacked for subordination. The other one is a British teacher who always got herself drunk, danced almost naked in bars, and picked a fight with almost everyone in her team. I also heard that she got punched by one of her colleagues before her last semester into the program ended because of her ill behavior. Serves her right, I suppose. The Chinese staff, on the other hand. were kind of aloof, except for Mark, who is the most helpful Chinese guy I've ever known.

Overall, just like most joint programs in China, the VU program in Shenyang is far from being flawless. If anyone is considering to be part of this program, it's always best to talk to as many previous teachers that they had, or have a Chinese friend of yours (if you have any) investigate further by calling the uni or its current staff.

#5 Parent Sally - 2016-11-25
Re VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China

This is very surprising. I was a student in this program and I found that it was wonderful. I was able to progress to VU in Melbourne and I have since completed a Master of Business at the University of Melbourne. I have nothing but positive things to say about this program including the management. I would recommend the program to any student who wants to improve their English.

the goose - 2015-10-25
VU course Liaoning university Shenyang China

I wouldn’t work for this program if I were you. Yes, the pay is reasonable but you need to take into account that there is no holiday pay between semesters, so you’re not making as much per annum as you think. It is enough to get by in Shenyang. In fact, you could even save more than half of your salary, but you’ll be living in the armpit of one of the most wretched cities in all of China, breathing absolutely poisonous air.

Back to the job. It’s a rotten gig. The students are of a woeful standard. Don’t be fooled into thinking that places on this course are highly sought after.; these kids are what is left over. VU happily hoovers up the dregs, packs them into dirty, damp and ill-equipped classrooms, hands the teachers the most pathetic of EAP courses and demands you teach to the letter. Don’t go getting original. As they say in Korea, ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down’.

The manager is a middle-aged, bigoted Fillipino woman. What she has to say about Chinese people is truly horrible. She should feel lucky that she is employed there as her English is pretty bad. She’s a massive gossip. I heard she got a guy fired for questioning her management but I dunno, it was all kept hush hush. Her husband teaches on the program so watch what you say along the corridors coz he leaves his balls in his wife’s office.

The teachers were okay, you know, the usual mix of drunks, losers and just plain dodgy people you get on the ESL circuit in China. Typically, there was a fair amount of backstabbing and out and out rude behaviour. Farting on each other, dodging bills, generally just running each other into the ground. One guy looked spaced out on something, another smoked dope on campus pretty regularly. There was an Australian couple who seemed okay but they moved on.

The Chinese staff will never break breath to you. You are a white face to them. Don’t be taken in by the weekly meetings or the boatload of grading you are expected to do.

None of it matters. Your opinion is just white noise to management. They sold their souls to the VU devil and will spout whatever nonsense they are asked to spout. The degrees are bought. Regardless of the pitiful standard of work produced, kids will pass, you will burn out after a few semesters and wonder why the hell you ever got into ESL in the first place.

So yeah, if the money seems good enough to subject yourself to this sham, go for it. Give it a year and move on. You are nothing more than a pawn in a very corrupt game. Education this is not. It’s disgusting and anyone who has renewed contracts with these cretins are not the kind of people you want to invite over for dinner. A truly sickening, soul-destroying couple of years it has been. You might feel proud for like a week thinking that you work for a western university program, but once you see for yourself how little money reaches the classrooms and how diabolical the course is, you’ll realise you’ve been played.

Yes I’m bitter. Why I stayed as long as I did? I was broke. Never again.

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