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#1 Parent Kelly - 2018-03-29
Re StartSmart Education is a scam

This is definitely bringing concerns, Eric. What you present is confusing on your website and I think it is just a way to attract applicants to believe StartSmart is an experienced company. I think what Sandy was saying was that you shouldn't have misled as this is a new company without 20 years of experience, though you as an owner who has more than 20 years experience. As an applicant, we just want the honest form of presentation of your company and not to be misled to believe something that is not true. Though I am sure your company isn't the only one that uses this tactic to get people applying to you.

I don't see which company you are working with in China that are around for 20 years though, and again, if startsmart "claims" to have 20+ years, why don't you have information for China already?

#2 Parent George - 2017-03-02
Re: Re StartSmart Education is a scam

Your website's domain was created on 2016-10-16
That's 4 1/2 months ago. You will have to admit that it is not very inspiring.

#3 Parent Eric Hofer - 2017-03-02
Re StartSmart Education is a scam

StartSmart Education website says that they are recruitment experts with 20 years experience NOT that the company has been in operation for 20 years. The company name is new, starting in Nov 2016. The people who started it, one of those people being myself, have over 20 years of experience finding placements for teachers, preparing them for travel, organizing visas, organizing accommodations, developing curriculum, etc. The local placement company we work with is one of the largest in Thailand and has been operating in Thailand and China for around 20 years also. Together with them we have successfully placed 1000's of teachers in hundreds of schools. You can watch videos of some of these teachers on our facebook or youtube page.

I would advise avoiding the use of terms like "scam" in the future simply because you did not take them time to speak with us and learn more about us. This would have been better research. We are very open and honest with all of our applicants. We charge absolutely nothing to applicants for our services.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Best of luck!

Sandy - 2017-02-13
StartSmart Education is a scam

i am new to ESL world and would like to teach Thailand and found this agency Start Smart.. did a little research on them and quite surprising that they said they are on the market to for 20 years but i can't find anything on them on the main stream social medias! Glad I ended up not applying to them as if they lied about their company information.. I don't know what else they would have lied to me when I continued to work with them.

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