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#1 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-02-14
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen


I appreciate the forum's ability to give voice to FTs complaints about employers in an effort to protect future hires. I also recognize an individual's right to privacy.

Recruiters and schools that misrepresent themselves as FTs doing damage control or stealth marketing are another matter; they place FTs in jeopardy by providing misinformation about China's laws and immigration policies.

I understand the site's legal concerns and desire to protect privacy.

Individuals do have a right to privacy. Schools and agencies, as businesses, are not individuals. I would humbly suggest to the board that they continue to protect individual identities, but not corporate names, such as "SeaDragon International Education, Shenzhen" which have used the site as a venue for unpaid advertising in a surreptitious manner.

Treating corporations as individuals is a concept fostered by a conservative U.S. Supreme Court. Their decisions in Citizens United and Hobby Lobby are outliers in global jurisprudence and need not be applied to companies outside of the U.S. posting on U.S. based media.

#2 Parent Curious - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

Hi TD,

I understand your frustration: you had a really superb (and highly entertaining - as much as watching the WH press conferences :o) private eye operation going on.

This site has been maintaining this Review board for 13 years (I just clicked on the "52" - for 52nd page - at the bottom of the first page and saw that the oldest post is dated 2004-03-18), quite a feat in itself. Unlike some other well known ESL sites, this site is not known for selling its digital soul to advertisers (but we never know, of course).

Fifi's post that the site, as a general rule, protects the ownership of each poster, makes sense to me personally as many, many years ago I made the mistake of posting my name on the board of a new website, only to regret it a few minutes later but unable ever after to have it deleted. What happened in this specific thread is frustrating for the people who posted after the initial post, I can feel it. No system is perfect/"collateral damage". At least the subsequent posts were left online (although emasculated). You asked Fifi if a new thread about the same school would be acceptable, it's probably up to you. The mods might not appreciate that their principle is being "circumvented", or maybe it's OK with them. Personally I can't be objective here because I truly enjoy reading your posts in this armageddonesque period. So, I would say: Go ahead!

#3 Parent Fifi - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

All I will say is that the people of the ESL Teachers Board are good people.

#4 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

Thank you for clearing that up.

factual references to the original post are removed.

For clarification: are references to a school that are not in response to that post also removed?

For instance, let's say a school makes a new post about their school then removes it. Could they request that all subsequent and prior posts about that school be removed from other threads, posts that they themselves have not made?

#5 Parent Fifi - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

This is what I got from my friend the moderator (and it used to be like that a few years ago when I was a mod): Any poster has the right to have their post removed (after they prove they are the poster) as ownership of posts remains with the poster (and not with the site) at all times.

If other posters replied between the request to remove the original post and the actual removal, their posts remain but factual references to the original post are removed.

I remember that a couple of years ago, a poster asked for his 10 years' worth of posts (around 10,000) to be removed and the site obliged.

#6 Parent Fifi - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

I know one of the mods. Lemme ask her.

#7 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

Dear Curious,
It seems like you and I are alone on this thread now.
Why would the monitors decide to delete the agency's name?
It would seem that protecting readers from fraudulent recruiters would be a service.
Does that agency advertise on the site?

#8 Parent Curious - 2017-02-13
Re: Re SeaDragon International Education, Shenzhen

His face appears on all the news websites that I visit, 10 different pictures on the home page of each site. At first I used to block his pic with my left hand while navigating with my right hand but I have run out of hands....

It's truly horrible for someone who likes to "see no evil"...

Thanks for the sympathy. It helps.

#9 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-02-13
Re: Re SeaDragon International Education, Shenzhen

I am laboring daily to put him out of my own mind.
As a child I often got poison ivy. I would go to sleep with socks over my hands to keep from scratching and tearing my skin.
I wish I had Trump socks.

#10 Parent Curious - 2017-02-13
Re: Re [edited], Shenzhen

TD, your posts make me forget trump.
I am extremely grateful.

#11 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-02-13
Re [edited], Shenzhen

1st post: "I booked the ticket and did the visa on arrival with the documents I had received from [edited]. I applied for 1 day rush and received my work visa the next day then entered China."

Z visa on arrival for Guangdong province, it started from last year and only works for
Guangdong province

On arrival where? Z visas only work wherever the employer that sponsored them is located. There is no such thing as a "Guangdong Z visa". Once you are IN the province, you are given a residency permit and a FES, NOT a Z visa. Z visas are only provided outside of the mainland.

If you received your Z visa in HK, please tell us your nationality so that readers are aware that HK is now offering Z visas for teachers of your NES country.

And if you had a Z visa, you should not be reluctant to identify the school.

If you fail to identify you country of birth and the school, you are a shill for [edited].

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