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#1 Parent waltonsran - 2011-10-25
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Be advised, WALTON are using the services of "FINDWORKABROAD" and it is run by an employee of walton, an Italian fella who has no interest in you whatsoever. They are advertising on many websites for a teacher to work in Huadu for a "great" company that "wont charge you taxes" mmmm...really. I will go even further, the person you would no doubtedly deal with is "JOJO" she also worked for Walton, so all thick as thieves....i know this as i was approached by some girl who works in Walton, i was in a bar, so what does that tell you about their recruitment techniques eh? I work in Huadu, and i know a few of the guys from Walton, you have never seen a more ragged bunch of worn down over worked depressed people in all your life, its sad that they are subjected to the treatment they recieve from that place, i admit that some are very dubious characters indeed, but for the most part they are good hard working people that deserve better. I am not a teacher, but if i was, then from what i have heard and read on this website and others, would make me never want to work in Huadu, and it seems to be a trend with so called "Training Centers" in china. Huadu is a small but nice enough area, but if one foreigner so much as farts, then we all know about it, and news travels fast here, my advice is stay clear.

#2 Parent Scott - 2011-08-31
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Update....All i am able to find out is that the Guy had some issues in his life that were documented in His private Diary found in the apartment. He was drunk and was shouting loudly and the Police were called as residents were concerned for his safety. Unfortunately, upon entering his home he fell from the balcony and died. No further details are available, he had only been in Huadu for 10 days and was an employee of Walton. Hope he is resting soundly now.

I am sorry to hear you are one of the many either Naieve or deceived Teachers that went there to experience the Lydia and Walton crap. As Turnoi states to the absolute truth, if you know of any people that are working in places illegally, then do you, them, us and the general public a huge favour and report them to the PSB or immigration service. You may think this harsh, but the more "Fake" teachers we have here the slimmer the pickings for jobs and less trust we are given by our Chinese hosts.

I work with a guy employed on a F visa, capable of getting a Z also, but he has been on an F since he arrived in China 4 years ago, i dunno for sure, but i think he has blown his chances of getting a Z via HK as he has had loads of F's already. I have told him the consequences if he is caught, he does not care or seem to realise that it will indirectly bring me trouble as his name and my name are almost the same when said in Chinese, and i am not spending anytime in a Police Station just for them to realise a mistake if they get the wrong man! He is a nice guy and but a poor teacher ( how often have we heard that ) but, he is here chasing girls, hardly prepares a thing for classes and he isn't good enough to pull a decent class together without preparing either. I will discuss with him again about obtaining a Z visa....if that falls on deaf ears, then i have no scruples in reporting him.

#3 Parent C. Worthington - 2011-08-29
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Dear Scott,

Please, please do keep us posted on this matter. This is so, so serious. My God in Heaven! Was the jump fatal? And why can't they just close down this school? I met some of the foreign teachers in that school and none, but none, had proper working papers, although all three met the requirements for a proper Z visa.

When I was in between jobs, I kind of interviewed at Walton with the infamous Lidia. From one-lady-to-another of the about the same age, I just wanted to sink my very long red nails right into her. I have never me a nastier, meaner, more cruel, more tart fellow female in all of my existence. My interview in their Huadu offices was not as much an interview as a supplice. It is not worth posting her rants her and all the rest.

#4 Parent Scott - 2011-08-29
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

WALTON SCHOOL in the headlines again ( although indirectly ) An Aussie guy in his 50's decided to jump of the 12th floor balcony when the Police turned up at his home. It's not entirely clear yet why he did that, if it was a Visa check, which happens regularly with Walton Teachers in Huadu, then it's a bit extereme to say the least. As i said, i will get more details on this story and post again, but he worked at Walton, and was married.

#5 Parent Scott - 2011-08-03
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

I went with my then GF to the electricity company to ask about what was going on, they were very reluctant at first to cough up the info, but after some pursuasion from the boys in blue ( nothing to do with me, they were just earwigging the conversation) they gave out the info....My bills were around 280 rmb per month, so obviously i was being screwed, Walton denied this fact and i went about it through legal representatives...I would like to see this place suffer, not the people there, but i want them to see that bad things happen to bad people, and i hope a shit load of bad stuff goes their way...By the way, the piece of crap V[edited], after she left, she admitted loads of stuff to the teachers about how Walton was screwing them,but it will continue to happen there...scum.

#6 Parent Dragonized - 2011-07-29
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Walton thought i was still there, they charged me 708 RMB one month and 818 the second...I chellenged them on this and even showed them that the wheel had not turned on the meter....anyway

Yes, once again this shows incorrigible habits that these bosses of these "schools" have. I remember a similiar incident when i was working for Global IELTS in Yangzhou. I had a small, 50 square foot apartment and I didn't use the ac at all, just a small electric heater which didn't keep anything warm, and they still charged me 400 rmb for heating. The accountant at the "school" even claimed to have slips from the heating company.

How did you prove they were bullsh***ing you? Who had helped you out?

Human scum is the most appropriate name for these criminals, or Ren-zha in chinese.

#7 Parent Scott - 2011-07-29
Re: Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

So, did you get a job at Walton? You say 6 years in China, not to bright at research though eh? Walton is a aweful place, Lydia is a monster bitch and so is Cassie and others, they are not registered or licensed, you will be a slave there and while the apartments are nice, you will be expected to pay rip off utility fees that are NOT checked by the companies, but are checked by the school themselves and huge fees are placed on prove this, i never had a shower, used the AC, turned off the electricity at the mains, and stayed in my GF's home for 2 months, Walton thought i was still there, they charged me 708 RMB one month and 818 the second...I chellenged them on this and even showed them that the wheel had not turned on the meter....anyway, it all got out of hand and with some help we got the police and utility company involved....nuff said after that. Damn that place .....

#8 Parent Tangmo - 2011-03-10
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

You're right Emmanuel, as long as you continue to whine and whinge that you are better than others, you shall get responses whether immediately or eventually.

You refer to yourself during your notorious time at Walton school as "DOS." That of course means "Director of Studies." That is, you were in authority and charge of foreign teachers in their everyday teaching and preparations to include training.

You know that the title "Director of Studies" is the junior title of the two titles Walton school has for the foreign teacher who is appointed to supervisory authority over the foreign teachers. It is given to a qualified, but a lesser qualified foreign teacher who has a lesser experience teaching and in a management or supervisory role. You previously had been "Supervisor of Teachers," which is a lesser title than that of Director of Studies, but the two titles present a difference sans a distinction.

The title I had at Walton school, I being the graduate of a "major university in North America" to whom you refer, was Director of the Department of Foreign Services. As you (well) know, Walton school reserves this senior of the two titles for the greater qualified and more experienced foreign teacher it chooses to appoint to the directorship of the Department.

The position of Director of the Department of Foreign Services is greater and is broader in its scope as it includes direct supervision of the Chinese bilingual teacher assistants. A major focus of the Department Director is the quality of teaching, which means the DoD each day does extensive observation and evaluation in the classrooms of the foreign teachers and the Chinglish teacher assistants, individually and in their teamwork; intensive and constructive consultations are the follow up to the regular and frequent observations.

DoD additionally liaises with the community, to include corporate clients of Walton school as well as with the City and Provincial education officials to include cultural exchanges, etc.

For example, I edited the "Chinglish" into English of a 110 page book replete with magnificent color photos produced by the Guangzhou Office of Culture and Heritage. The Director of Studies would not get such an assignment as the director of studies typically - I say typically - is inter alia not a native speaker of English.

Grow up dude; stop being a spoiled brat. You always whine and spit, then complain immediately that you're reciprocally for sure going to get a bite taken out of your arse. If you want to dish it out, then you need to be able to eat the same dish you throw at others that you identify by your own peculiar choosing.

#9 Parent Tangmo - 2011-03-06
Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Hi Franco,

You can get contact info about Walton at <> or directly contact Walton School at <>. The first address I provide is the better one, but both are valid.

A Walton School telephone contact number is: +86 2 8697 9985.

If you've been teaching English in China for six years, then you pretty much know the score (six day workweek etc). I've referred other teachers to Walton School so I'm pleased to provide contact information to you and I hope you can find what you're looking for. (If you like the crap for food the Cantonese eat in Guangzhou City then you'll do fine.)

I taught at Walton during all of 2008 and was director, department of foreign services most of 2008. As director I had a nice free penthouse apartment but all the Walton apartments are excellent and single occupancy (double occupancy if married). Beginning after Spring Festival 2009 I moved on to teach full time and to live at one of the colleges with which Walton contracts to provide visiting foreign teachers (weekday mornings only). The students at the particular college and I got along well so I was pleased to accept Walton's offer to support me for the full time college position which went very well.

I haven't had any contact with the principal owner, English name Lydia (from Taiwan) since January 2010. Throughout 2009, while I was on the faculty of the college, Lydia occasionally would ask me to counsel certain Walton foreign teachers who had some concerns, which I was pleased to do. I don't know why Lydia never smiled because her school is a giant money machine which dominates and towers over the the English and Japanese languages market there.

I think the witch Vivian (English name) is gone from Walton and I know her predecessor as my assistant, the sleazebag Carey (English name) is long gone. I also know that one chronic complainer foreign teacher from the UK is gone which also should make things better for everyone than they were at certain times during 2009. Always be on the lookout for the Teacher Assistant Candy (English name) however. Anyway, although I remained in GZ during 2010, where I was director of development at another proprietary language center, I don't know much about Walton 2010.

As I'm sure you realistically appreciate after your teaching six years in China, a school such as Walton always has some problem about something.


#10 Parent Franco - 2011-03-04
Re Walton Language School, Guangzhou

I read what you wrote about Walton and sounds great!
I would like very much to apply for an English teaching position at Walton Language School. I have been teacjing in China for nearly 6 years and have over 15 years of teaching English both in USA and China.
Can you please tell me who to contact at Walton's to apply for a position...???
I cannot seem to find their direct website.
Can you help me please.
Thank you.
Best regards,

#11 Parent Andy - 2009-10-25
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Walton school of cheats ...liars....thieves....AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Whilst you might read this and think " oh another teacher that didnt get what they wanted so decided to bad mouth the school" you would be wrong.

They will use the "bait and switch' tactic very well, take ridiculous sums of money of you MONTHLY for inflated utility bills sometimes in the region of 700-800RMB...and 140RMB for the internet.

They will promise you a visa, this is untrue...i have a Z visa with them but money was definately exchenged in the office before i was given mine...something i have the legal right and documentation to get.Most teachers work there on "L" visas and are promised upgrades that will never happen.The working schedule is awful...often 8am-9pm with little or no break. The apartments are the only saving grace, they are modern, clean, and safe. But there is no travel allowance and it will cost you 4-7 RMB to go to your class, some classes are only 30 yourrate goes down.

The boss is from Taiwan, her name is Lydia, she will never speak to you, which is just aswell as if she opened her mouth to me i would find it hard not to fill it with my fist. Her henchwomen are Vivian and Candy....evil little women with no respect at all for anybody..

This school is bad beyond belief, and i hope that you never go will regret it.

#12 Parent CJ - 2009-07-13
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

I was at Walton Language School from the summer 2008 until Feb 2009.The manager was a Taiwanese woman, Lydia. My contract, which I assume was similar to others, stipulated that a paid class period was defined as 60 minutes as opposed to the more typical 40-50 min. Which means every teacher was being at paid at a lower hourly rate than the typical.For the range of 22-27 periods, the teacher would get a 1000 RMB bonus.All salary payments were made in the following month.

I decided to work for her because this is when the government made changes in the visa laws related to the Olympics and I was unprepared to return back to the home country.There were major inconsistencies in her management.The first was in getting my residence permit. After two months, Penney, the assistant, said it would be ready in 1 week. Then, management reversed that, said there were troubles, but if I did a favor, then, they could make it happen. That favor turned out to be a stupid video.Later, Lydia presented my permit to me.She also requested I do some extra classes to make up for the "extra cost". The Foreign Teachers Director, Peter Sroka,missed a few of his classes. His students ended up with me. In Dec, he pulled a stunt where he disappeared from his apartment.We got to hear his lectures on Wed. about teachers being late for class.Apparently Lydia was pulling stunts on his contract.

In November, I asked the day before payday what time the salary would be ready.The next day(Sat.) Lydia said she wanted to review my classes. On Tuesday's review, I used the book that Walton management had given me. Lydia looked at the vocabulary on the board, asked what it meant. I said it was from the first page of chapter one of the book you gave me.I asked her if she had even read the book. Lydia said she was the boss, that she didn't need to read the book. The students, she said were bad, but my job was to make them happy. She was also withdrawing my monthly bonus.I decided to get sick and left the room. I stuck around because I hadn't reached some financial goals for my other country yet.Lydia has a certificate on her wall showing an MBA from City University of Oklahoma. I have my doubts. One time,she had me interview a prospective student. Then she pulled out two sheets of paper showing a system for organizing English training using 14 levels from a particular system.She asked me where he belonged in the system. I told her we didn't have the books for that system. She acted like she was clueless that she needed the books.It was just something she got off the Internet.My 10 year old nephew would know the right things to think about.

There was also the character Fabian. A polite,glad-handing Frenchman. One day in Oct.,I believe, he comes asking for money.We were about 13 days from the payday. He says he needs to get through the period. He doesn't trust Walton to borrow money. He needed 200 RMB.Then the following Tues., about 4 days before payday, he gets in a taxi,to go to Guangzhou central. Well, it costs about 200 RMB to get back-and-forth.He had class the next morning. Something doesn't add up. He did pay me back. He asked to borrow money again the next month.I politely declined.There were a couple of British 19 year olds who Lydia wouldn't give their plane fare to return home at contract expiration. After some haggling and maybe 3 weeks of additional work. They got it. Throughout the Fall 2008, there were two teachers who simply disappeared.In Jan.2009, Lydia, called me in, told me the students didn't like me, but she would try and also rewrote another contract. I went along because she controlled the apartment. I'll say a few positive things. The apartment was nice. Lydia did take the teachers out for a dinner. She took me out for a dinner by myself.This was after withholding my bonus.She probably figured she got to keep 900 RMB(1000- 100 for dinner).

There was Christopher, from Wisconsin. He was generally ok but had the habit of publicly agreeing with management, while often he privately disagreed.The management, especially Dannie,will be complimentary and polite.They will also act like they are doing you a favor.Don't take it with sincerity.For my part, I had about 35 hours of teaching including weekends.The workload did go down. But it does seem like these people strive to live by the lowest possible common denominator.

#13 Parent Emmanuel - 2008-09-23
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

I think something needs to be made clear.

I (the obscure Frenchman from some unkonwon university, former DOS at Walton) and the poster of the message regardng how nice Walton is and how fabulous Huadu is, who was the vide-president of the union in the US are two different people.

I will not go into details regarding my previous employment at Walton, but I would like to make this clear that I hurts to be confused with the other guy.

please leave me out of this (this last part will probably not stop the poster from bothering me again).

ps: I am not from some obscure university. The fact that you never heard of it does not make it obscure. Not everyone, thank God, can go to a major university in North America.

#14 Parent Tangmo - 2008-09-22
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

To you, Vancouver Mike I make a few finer points of current fact:

* The "Director of Studies" title you like to use hasn't been a functioning title at Walton school for some time. Again, VM, you are passe' and out of date.

*As to the union in which I was a national official, I was a regional vice president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE);

*I was responsible for operations in six states of the AFGE National Council of EEOC Locals. The EEOC is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the U.S. Government;

*EEOC personnel are trained, professional investigators who investigate charges of discrimination in employment ledged by employees who work in either the public or the private sector in the USA;

*Thus, the union to which I refer is an organization of professional employees who range in standing in the Official U.S. Government Pay Schedule from that of being a GS-7 to the highest GS ranking of GS14. At EEOC I was a GS-11, which is a high professional ranking. (I retired from the U.S. Government, Federal Communications Commisiion, the Equal Employment Branch, at GS-12.)

Further, in response to your reckless and irresponsible question: " does a blue collar worker suddenly become a skilled, experienced teacher?", I offer the following facts:

*I began teaching while an undergraduate in 1966 in the U.S. Government's compensatory education program "Project Upward Bound." I've taught at university and secondary levels in the USA, Korea, Thailand and presently hold the certificate of a "Foreign Expert in Culture and Education" issued by the PRC Government (the requsite 'Z' Visa).

*I have a Graduate level Educator Certificate from the USA; a Master degree and a Bachelor degreee from accredited universities there. I have 13 years experience in East Asia teaching ESL or TEOFL.

*I opened my own small English language school in the south of Thailand. I later sold it at a tidy gain.

I am current and up to date in respect to the terms and conditions of employment of foreign teachers and of the Chinese teacher's assistants at Walton school. The fact is you are not.

Clearly, your grudge doesn't allow you to recognize the substance of my posts regarding Walton school. Nor does it allow that you recognize the significance of my posts.

Indeed, you're now trying to get at Walton school by attempting to expand your bent focus on me, myself, and on my own quality of professional experience and my excellent academic credentials. Clearly, discussing Walton school with you is not a useful exercise or experience.

Whatever it may be with you, try to get over it. Each of us has to and does at one time or another.

Cheers and good luck.

#15 Parent Eric Roth - 2008-09-20
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Mike - Excellent post which notes many peculiar aspects and raises very reasonable questions. You also draw logical inferences and offer valid conclusions.

This entire thread illuminates why I have passed on several offers to teach in China and Thailand. I don't really know - outside of working in an elite university and/or visiting the campus/school first- how one would verify the information in ads. Consider me more cautious than curious.

On the other hand, I know that thousands and thousands of English teachers have found wonderful work teaching in both China and Thailand. As so often in these matters, I end up defer to various rankings and/or personal experiences of friends. If someone wants to learn engineering, there are many rankings that they can look at published by experts. Teaching English has become such a huge field that somebody and I have no idea who must evaluate school or chain claims. Right?

So, does anybody know of an organization that ranks English language schools - by quality or location? Does TESOL have some list of approved or sanctioned schools? Does somebody else perhaps even local governments track the effectiveness of schools? Further, what is their criteria? Where can individuals students, teachers, parents get that simple, yet vital bit of information?

Again, consider me very curious.

#16 Parent Andre - 2008-09-20
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

I agree 100% with you Mike. It doesnt matter if Walton has turned a new leaf as far as management or any other structures for that matter (as if) Bottom line is that they are dishonest and have stolen money from employees in the past. I was personally done in by them for 8 000RMB. Tangmo is fully aware of the fact and is working for the very same person who did it to me and to many others (Ghosts) in the past. I have given them ample opportunity to rectify the problem. Ive mailed them the links to all my postings about their dishonest behaviour.
Sothey obviously dont care about it because of the lack of competition in Huadu.. maybe. Only thing we can do is to keep posting so that the word can spread..Beware, it will happen again.
Funny thing is that I worked in Taiwan for 7 years before going to China and never had any problems regarding money there. I found the Taiwanese people to be nice so it was a shock for me to be so blatantly taken advantage of in China.
BTW .Waltons other big partner in crime is: Perlandas Recruitment Agency
But thats another story by itself..

#17 Parent Vancouver Mike - 2008-09-19
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

To the Director of Studies from Walton,

First, it is very interesting to note that none of this information can be confirmed from the Walton web site -- another big warning to any foreign teacher considering this school, particularly this school, which has such a nefarious history.

According to the website, the Director of International Studies, or whatever, is a Frenchman from some obscure university that no one has ever heard of. And yet the poster claims that he was the regional vice-president of his union in the United States -- and how does a blue collar union worker suddenly become a skilled, experienced teacher?

Next, he admits what everyone has been saying and that is that the owners are Taiwanese, which while on its face value, may mean nothing to most readers but to those in China, they will know that the Taiwanese on the mainland, for the most part (at least Taiwanese businessmen) are the sharkiest of the sharky, so to speak.

Finally, all of these administrative changes to which he alludes are wonderful but are totally nonsubstantial. Under the current ownership, if you are employed by this school, your pay will still suffer at whim, your housing situation will be deplorable, you will have to shlep all over the greater Huadu / Guangzhou area for classes and you will often have to wait for teachers that are late so you will be running to classes (I mean for transportation purposes).

Of course, at least this Mr. Tangmo has changed the rude tone of his previous insulting posts and become more civilized -- but again -- remember a leopard never, ever changes its spots.

Additionally, Walton is so desperate for teachers that they work with the WORST agent in Guangzhou -- Jacky Wu at Wu is the papa of all sharks in Guangzhou and he only takes on clients that are like him in manner and comportment.

To any inexperienced, "green", novice teacher or even an experienced, trained shark-handler, my advice remains the same : run as far away from this place as you can.

And finally, by Guangzhou standards, the pay is very, very, very low.

#18 Parent Tangmo - 2008-09-19
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Walton has a foreign teacher named S. He's from the UK but doesn't own much beyond the clothes on his back. On the other hand, the president of Walton School is a woman from Taiwan who holds an MBA from an accredited university in the USA. (She's the mother of three daughters, including twins.)

I was a (regional) vice president of my national union in the USA, so I heartily recommend "Making Capitalism in China" by You-tien Hsing. I wouldn't recommend trying to hijack a thread to pursue one's own agenda, however, regardless of how worthy the agenda may be.

The DOS title presented in a previous post by another ghost from the past likely refers to "Director of Studies", which is a defunct and passe' title no longer used at Walton school.

The present, successor title is Director, "Department of International Services", or DIS. Anyone with current, i.e., updated information or knowledge of Walton would know that; such persons would also be aware of much else current to Walton school that I present in my posts.

An another instance of major changes that many who post here miss, the DIS now includes the Chinese Teacher's Assistants as well as the foreign teachers. Streamlining two critical departments into one is another welcome change to Walton school, and is one which brings the two groups together under one manager (director) instead of only in the (non-tertiary) classroom.

Indeed, I'd suggest that statements that would be on message, responsible, informed and current would be welcome additions to the thread.

Anyway, as always, cheers.

#19 Parent beentheredonethat - 2008-09-18
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Although I am loathe to denigrate an entire class of people, or in this case businessmen, I would like to echo the sentiment of Vancouver Mike. I've been working in China for many years and I've yet to be cheated as slickly as I have been by a Taiwanese businessman. I would suggest that they have so successfully exploited Mainland Chinese workers for so long now that scamming comes natural to many of them. Moreover, problems with EFL mills in Taiwan are as rampant as in PR China - it's only natural that they would cast an opportunistic eye in this direction, and they have been doing so for several years now.

Unless you are very familiar with an organization run by Taiwanese businessmen, having done the necessary research, you would be well advised to stay well clear of it. Good post Vancouver Mike)...........

For your perusal:

Chinese workers and farmers fight exploitation

3 September 1997

By Eva Cheng

.....................about 300 workers of a Taiwanese-owned company in Nanhai, also in Guangdong, staged a sit-in outside the Labour Bureau office to demand three months of unpaid wages, totalling 300,000 yuan (about A$50,000). The mainly women workers, who worked 10-16 hour days with no days off, were being paid at only half the normal rate for manual workers in the region.

For an in - depth examination of Taiwanese business practices in China:
Making Capitalism in China
By You-tien Hsing
Included in this book is a detailed analysis of the exploitation of Chinese workers by Taiwanese manufacturers. As many people know, Dongguan in Guongzhou is pretty much the shoe manufacturing capital of China. A huge percentage of those factories are owned by Taiwanese businessmen who care little about the well-being of their workers or the environment of China. Dongguan is one of the most polluted cities I've been to in China.

#20 Parent Vancouver Mike - 2008-09-17
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

First of all,

For all teachers considering this school,

Do you really want to work for such an abusive, demeaning, insulting person as the foreigner (or maybe not a foreigner) who wrote the message to which I am replying? Instead of answering all of the issues that were raised by so many, here and other boards, this so-called "DOS" simply insults and belittles...

Now, what does that tell you? RUN, RUN, RUN.

He admits that weekly teachers' meetings now occur in place of the previous daily meetings...he admits that teachers no longer have to share apartments, etc. For all of you contemplating a job in China, avoid this school. The reputation that it had in terms of how it truly mistreated its foreign teachers was so, so malodorous that even in spite of what this "DOS" writes (or was paid to write), if you like dancing with wolves, than no problem.

He claims that that they have teachers from various countries....go look at their website, even if it is accurate (and that may be another story) and what he writes is not what is on the website.

It is a known fact that even if you are paid on time at this school, your paycheck will shrink for whatever reasons management deems valid. If you like "the disappearing paycheck", then this school is perfect for you.

He claims that the school is perfectly legit and all have Z visas (working visas for teachers in China). Not true at all. It is highly unlikely that you will ever secure working visa if you go to work for this school.

Next, the owner is a Taiwanese businessman and if you have ever been to the mainland, you will know that dealing with a Taiwanese businessman is like pouring hot gasoline on your body and then lighting a match (meaning don't do it).

Under no circumstances should any foreign teacher consider this school.

#21 Parent Tangmo - 2008-09-17
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Don't know what planet you've been on, dude.

You may be recently of Vancouver, but you're so far out concerning Walton school that I'd like to request photos of Pluto from you as you pass it by (in the same way as you long ago passed by Walton school).

As examples:

*Nationalies of present teaching faculty: Canada, USA, UK, France.

*One foreign teacher meeting weekly. (Daily foreign teacher meetings are ancient history.)

*Apartments: if shared, only with spouse or a friend of your choice. Otherwise, single occupancy, which is the rule.

*I know I have the PRC Government's Certificate which declares me to be a "Foreign Expert in Culture and Education." The certification is issued with the requisite "Z" visa, that is, the standard and required educator visa. (Authorities make monthly visits to schools which employ foreign teachers to document foreign teacher certification---I say again, monthly visits.) The good 'ol days are gone forever.

Shouting? Shouting?!?

I really needn't say more. (Did I need to say this at all, I wonder?)


#22 Parent Andre - 2008-09-15
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Ha ha this is laughable. I know the guy who is trying to recruit for Walton. He used to be the biggest complainer about Huadu (the area) and the Taiwanese bosses when I was there, He is the only one who stayed behind when our whole team walked out about 6 months ago because of the school ripping some people (me included) off. Not only is it the worst school Ive worked for as far as materials and working conditions are concerned , they are also thieves and wouldnt blink an eyelid to rip you off. They have been reported to the education department and the government so beware of working for them on the wrong visa. They will get raided. Just Google their name and have a look.

#23 Parent Vancouver Mike - 2008-09-13
Re: Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Regarding the Walton blurb, well, let's just say that Guangzhou and Huadu in particular are littered with Walton refugees, runaways and exiles.

There is only native English speaking person, a lady, to my knowledge, that might still be around at the school after one year, only one. Everyone else has either run away, been fired, or just melted into the woodwork so to speak.

Do not believe much of what this poster has written.

You will live in a shared apartment, Soviet-style and the apartments are decidedly not nice at all. Your roommates will pilfer everything and anything from you and you will spend a great deal of your pay to replace what they have pilfered. You will pay for electricity and the like and the owners just love to gouge the FT's for these charges.

Do you love endless-and-mindless meetings that eat away at your free time and reduce it to nothing -- and for which meetings you are not paid? Then this is the place for you. Oh, did I forget to mention that if you don't attend these endless-and-mindless meetings, your pay will be docked a great deal?

Do you like to be screamed at? Lied to? Do you want to have to work illegally in China? Then this is the place for you. The school does not have the authorization to hire foreign you will be forced to work on all kinds of improper visas and if you are got, well, the owner will blame it all on you...and oh, did I forget to mention that you will have to make either the Hong Kong run or the Macau run for your visas on your own dollar?

Next, you will be most teaching all the over place, and usually in schools in which all of the other foreign teachers from all of the other agencies in Huadu will not go. Of course your day will start at 05h00 in the morning when you have to get up and end at 21h00 when you will return home from your travels or from your endless-and-mindless meetings.

Walton is INFAMOUS in Huadu and in that part of Guangzhou as a school to avoid. Sam the owner is a Taiwanese shark and if you like swimming with sharks, then please swim here. And if that's not good enough, his charming wife is quite the piranha.

So, in the end, I only want to ask the previous poster how much he or she was paid to write the blurb?

For the rest of you, well, just don't even consider it.

Tangmo - 2008-09-13
Walton Language School, Guangzhou

Walton Language School, which is in the pleasant HuaDu District of Guangzhou City, China's 4th largest, has had me on board for about a year now.

During the past 12 consecutive years that I've been teaching ESL/EFL in East Asia, I've experienced first hand the extremes on offer to we who are in this industry.

In Korea, for instance, the government's educational system (and the society) are highly structured and super organized; heirarchial, sexist, predictable; there exists such fixed routines that there aren't any surprises at all. It's also boring, mundane, static.

In Bangkok, Thailand, the government and the proprietary schools (as with the society) are disorganized, unfocused, at times chaotic, often confused and confusing, unpredictable, capriciously managed by ameteurs and fixed in tradition and custom. It's hopeless there.

Walton Language School is a more than happy medium.

*One can teach any grade level along the continuum from KG to college/university to adult learners.

*Curriculum, textbooks and materials are among the best I have ever seen or worked with.

*There;s an RMB 1,000 monthly performance bonus which is a cakewalk (be present, on time; have lesson plans completed). The monthly bonus can total to an additional RMB of 10,000 to 12,000 in a year.

*Learners in China treat foreign teachers (Laochi) with respect and pleasantly. It's almost embarrassing to say that Chinese learners want to learn, but the consistent fact is they do.

*On the opposite bank of the canal that flows alongside Walton school are outdoor cafes, restaurants, bistros, to include barbequed food. The canal continues into a large and pleasant public park across from the front of Walton school.

*Foreign teachers live a few blocks from the school in modern, rent free housing (my service charge last month was RMB 84). Accommodations are new and spotless, well equipped (wall tv, dvd player, microwave etc), comfortable, secure and well kept. We live on the top floors. The buildings are next to the largest shopping center in the area.

Contact me via or at the Walton school website . I look forward to talking with you and to meeting you here. We're only a few hours from Hong Kong or Macao and convenient to the Guangzhou International Airport.

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