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#1 Parent God - 2017-02-09
Re: METEN / Review on "Meten English", Shenzhen, Guangdong

working at Meten is hell. You are given 5 classes a day from 1-9 with no material of any worth. The management have no ability to reason. However besides teaching anti-social retards all day the worst thing about the job was living in a China. The people are ill mannered selfish, but the women are easy. Fake English school in a country with fake food, medicine, beer and people on an industrial scale

Don't go to China just visit your local zoo and watch the Chimps!

#2 Parent Andy - 2015-10-27
Re: METEN / Review illegal visas

Hey sir, if it is true. Meten's got no experinced teachers at all. please go check the number of teachers who is now working on a second year contract or more than that, you will then have a more persuasive statement here.

#3 Parent baker - 2015-08-15
Re: METEN / Review illegal visas

I met Jason he is very active to say the least, i have been working there for a few months and i will leave as soon as i get another job, i want to keep the dignity and sanity, but i heard its difficult to get your documents for a new job from them, do you know anything about this?

#4 Parent Jason high - 2015-08-12
Re: METEN / Review illegal visas

its true meten now often gets teachers illegal visas they do this by getting a visa in one city and sending you to another part of china

many teachers in Shenzen are on wuhan or chongqing visas

don't work for less than 14,000 a month or you are being cheated in an city

if they send you to another city for your medical it means you will be given an illegal visa and face jail , a huge fine or deportation

and if you get in trouble or have an accident you have no help

i would say one of he worst schools to work for!

they also always make deductions from your salary or steal

the famous jason now teaches a TEFL course but he has no TEFL and is a baboon, [edited]

they try to hire teachers from outside china because no teacher in china wants to work for them and their tefl course is a worthless qualification

#5 Parent Bobby - 2011-11-25
Re: METEN / Review on "Meten English", Shenzhen, Guangdong

Yes Jason Stuart B[edited] is NOT an American, a man with his limited education background could never be an American. He's a Canadian.

Here is more information on Meten, Its a decent review.

#6 Parent Swerve - 2011-11-24
Re: METEN / Review on "Meten English", Shenzhen, Guangdong

Just FYI. Jason B, as mentioned in the OP, is Canadian not American. That is all. Thanks

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