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Debbie Bailey - 2017-02-08
In response to Re Daqing Joy school (From Daqing)

Edited and updated 8th Feb 2017

I appreciate things may now have changed, however I feel I need to write an honest review regarding Jason, Ruby and Joy School in general.

I worked at Joy School Daqing from2008 to 2009. This was my first teaching role in China and I was nervous! Whilst I was still in the UK, Jason would contact me via email and phone to update me on my application/visa documents etc and tell me the next steps in the process. Jason also put me in touch with teachers who were currently working at Joy to iron out any worries or queries I might have.

On arrival at Harbin airport I was met in person by Jason and driven to Daqing in his 4x4. I was dropped off at my 2 bedroom fully furnished and modern 2 bedroom apartment. Jason arranged dinner the next evening for all the current and new teachers to meet and get familiarised.

Throughout my contract I was constantly in touch with both Jason and Ruby, to the point I had both their mobile numbers in my phone on speed dial just in case I needed any help whilst out and about on my own.

Whilst I was at Joy I can honestly say, Jason, Ruby and all staff members were friendly and would go out of their way to help you and each other with anything and everything!

I personally felt that all teachers were treated well, paid on time and offered overtime at other schools if they wished to do so, if you didn’t wish to do overtime then all you had to do was say no.

Jason arranged, attended and paid for regular get togethers’ for all Chinese and foreign teachers at Joy in the form of nights out, day trips and even a 7 day skiing trip.

Jason and Ruby did their best to be honest right from the get go; I originally wrote the job advertisement mentioned in this thread as at the time it was the honest truth.

On receipt of applicants Jason and Ruby would vet teachers as much as possible prior to offering them contracts, I and other foreign teacher were always on the other end of skype, chatting to potential teachers, asking and answering questions etc therefore I do feel for them with regards to the unfortunate circumstances of an individual male teacher which has been documented in this thread.

I’m thinking of returning to Joy Daqing in 2018 where upon I will write an honest follow up review if I do.

Debbie Bailey

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