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#1 Parent X RE Teacher - 2017-02-06
Real English Foshan

Yeah I'm the guy who they asked to do magic.

It was awesome - she walkes in and says "now teacher is gunna do some magic" - go on, do some magic.

I must say it's fun and one of the countless time the bloody woman came into my classroom and interrupted my lessons.

...not even going to get into the drama I had with them regarding the living conditions.

Glad I got out of there, can't recommend it. Guess there are worse jobs out there but this is definitely a school to avoid.

#2 Parent Not impressed - 2017-01-14
Real English Foshan

I worked for the school, the owner is a bitch and her husband is her bitch. They will harass you, berate you and generally treat their teachers like shit. And yeah they will talk smack about the previous teachers.

When I first went for an 'interview' with them the owner 'broke down' and started crying - why do they all hate us - we are good people. Red flag much?

Luckily I was a part time teacher so the moment they started telling me crap like I need to make more effort, from a foreign country on holiday by the way I was like okay - see ya. Best of luck. They underpaid me anyway.

Worst school I ever worked at - God help anyone who signs a contract with them!!

Oh shit, and the bullshit continued I almost forgot.

The bloody owner went to the same gym as me. After I quit with no harsh words or drama she goes and speaks to the gym owner for a while. When I'm getting the card back she tells me I owe her 200 bucks!! What WTF??

I paid a small fortune for the gym contract and hardly go, I asked why and she just threw the card at me and waved me off like a dog. Previous to that she was super friendly, almost too friendly.

Yeah - ooh - why do that all hate me - that's why!!

You are a bitch!!!

#3 Parent [poster] - 2016-12-05
Real English Foshan

i know someone who was 'hired' via online interviews, everything seemed great and actually made quite a fast effort to get there, turned down another job, waited... and they never returned his calls or messages for 2 days. Finally he lets them know he's in a hotel and needs to know what's happening and gets some message saying that they decided he wasn't suitable. Pressed for some explanation they seem to suggest a female manager decided she was suspicious or disliked some personal issue (like him being married or something like this).

To my mind it seemed very vindictive and both the people (who might be Y and B??) but they came across as fickle, snotty, nitpicky and then there was that 'personal dislike' part which squares with your account of the 'firing' turning into mean-spirited personal attacks and lies and suspicions etc.

It's interesting I stumbled across this post and yes it was Real English Foshan and yes I believe I might even know the people you mentioned (but not the teachers).

#4 Parent Sigint - 2016-12-05
Real English Foshan

This "Y" couldn't have come at a better time, I just ran out of salt.

So much effort and time wasted trying to discredit individuals for the sake of face, I will never understand Chinese people.

Innocent Bystander - 2016-12-03
Real English Foshan

Real English - Foshan China

This school is claiming to have hired and fired me because I'm a terrible unqualified teacher due to a dispute with another school.

In reality I declined multiple requests to work for them because of all the horror stories I was told by people who have.

I know three people who worked for them including my wife. All three were underpaid and over stressed. I drew the line and told my wife to quit when she was been told she needs to make more effort in some regard, it was just insulting, annoying and unnecessary. It's a kindergarten and she is amazing with young kids who are usually in tears when she leaves.

Anyway one of the teaching assistants ('B') left Real English to help her one of her family members start a school. She has about 13 years experience teaching - 10 in government schools and 3 in Real English.

They were upset to see her go and proceeded to slander her to all the parents by calling them individually to try keep them from leaving. One day I was helping B with an opening promotion and she looked really upset. I asked her if she was okay and she said no, the previous schools owner (Y) is calling everyone she can and telling her how terrible B is.

A couple of days later I got a call from Y. She proceeded to slander B for a half an hour, accusing her of stealing students and equipment from the school including desks and chairs. I had seen the new school has top class facilities including smart boards and free espresso machine. Everything brand new.

I watched from a distance while the owner of Real English, 'Y' went on a tyrannical rampage to do as much damage to CF as possible and stress out 'B' as much as she could. Including standing outside the school and telling parents that my wife and I were hired and fired from their school, are terrible teachers and unqualified to boot. To be qualified in this country you need to be an English speaker. That's it. I do however have all the requirements to be a 'foreign expert' in China and my wife is completing a masters.

This slander campaign has gotten out of hand and I'm hoping this review will end the drama because if the slander continues I'm gunna ask my friends to share their storieswhich wouldn't be pretty.

'Y' bad mouths all previous teachers and denies that she is doing or has done anything wrong to the death. I have seen too much to believe this.

I was a bystander so always had a neutral opinion but been brought into the line of fire had made me react.

I don't take kindly to me or my kin been slandered for no good reason.

It's ludicrous.

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