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#1 Parent Simon - 2017-02-05
Re EF "strikes" back.......Hahahahahhahaha

Some years ago I happened to meet a couple of young white American EF teachers at a small restaurant in Xian.

They taught kids and were very enthusiastic about being foreign teachers in China. Stateside they had been park attendants before coming to China. It seemed to me they were close boyfriends, if you know what I mean.

They were making much more than me, but were working long hours me. Being young, they had more energy and drive than me. I admired both of them very much for their amusing conversation and positive outlook on life, and insisted on settling their restaurant bills.

Training center foreign teachers who teach kids are doing a difficult and demanding job. It's a job that I wouldn't be any good at, even with the assistance of a competant Chinese teaching assistant!

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