Andrew - 2017-02-04

WW is a whiner and like pussie when others dish out against him while he hurts the sentiments of many good other people when postingh his snide commen to others.

I ran college networks in the past, and I can assure you that promoters of sham operatio0ns like you would never be accepted as teachers or deechers there.

Can anyone spot the errors in the two sentences above by our highly educated linguistic? I think he is also lacking in punctuation. Maybe EF can assist you with the errors.

You are a wannabe linguistic with too much spare time on your hands who uses this site to practice, show off, humiliate and cowardly jibber written diarrhea to this very small online biased community of two know it alls.

I believe your hatred for China and its English language acquisition programmes or English language curriculums are due to your incompetancy of being inept to achieve a teaching position here in China. It is sad that China does not see you as a qualified teacher as you are seen as a nonnativešŸ˜­ , when obviously you are kind of there. You can always migrate to Indonesia , where they employ anyone to teach English.

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