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#1 Parent Foxy - 2017-01-29
Re Be aware of Beijing New Oriental Winter Camps

You're both right about the ambivalence, but because these brain dead idiots can't see beyond this afternoons coffee break, they don't realise the ramifications.

They don't realise that foreign teachers talk to each other; they don't realise that boards such as this one, the beijinger, Shenzhen party, Daves ESL cafe, echinacities, etc etc, are designed for foreign teachers to talk to others. Add to that the fact that a handful of disgruntled teachers will go back to their schools and warn their colleagues, then go to their expat bars and warn even more. XDF may not care that the few they pissed off won't return, but what they don't realise is that ten pissed off teachers turns into hundreds, or even thousands, of foreign teachers that won't go there next year.

I've seen it time and time again...."oh, we'll worry about it next year", well guess what, next year comes around quicker than you think, and when they get bucket loads of foreign teachers refusing to work there because they put profit before professionalism, they only have their own sad, sorry asses to blame.

I've worked at many summer and winter camps, but this one was the worst by a very long mile.

Words fail me.

#2 Parent Annoyed - 2017-01-29
Re Be aware of Beijing New Oriental Winter Camps

I totally agree with you. In fact the other foreign teachers were saying the same thing about the ambivalent attitude. Once they've got you there........

One of my colleagues threatened to tell the students to get onto their parents, in order to get something done, or they would simply walk away and f*ck the money. Needless to say that worked.

The whole episode was draining, tiring, but more importantly, ineffective teaching was a direct result of the situation we were all put in. Given the price that XDF charged each student (I asked them) I'm sure the parents expected a certain amount of value for money, value that I don't believe the students received due to the squalid living conditions that teachers had to endure.

And you're right, isn't it amazing that with the number of foreign teachers XDF is reported to employ, they couldn't actually get to use their own staff. Winter and summer camps are supposed to be enjoyable for all and a great way for foreign teachers to make a few extra bucks, however, this was totally the opposite since all the teachers were wishing their lives away as each day passed. No one could wait for it to be over.

XDF used to have a reasonably good reputation, but it is slowly destroying itself. With more and more foreign teachers leaving China, and with the new rules soon to be implemented, schools are going to find it harder and harder to recruit teachers. They are going to have to seriously lift their game or face closure of international departments. If that happens, XDF only have themselves to blame for putting profit above everything else.

#3 Parent JR - 2017-01-28
Re Be aware of Beijing New Oriental Winter Camps

I have just got back to Toronto and saw the various replies. It would appear they did the same schenanigans elsewhere so there is obviously some pattern to this.

The thing that really pi**ed me off was their ambivolance to the situation, almost like 'oh well they are here now they will grin and bear it for a week'. The thing that got my back up the most was when we decided to go out in the evening we were told we are not allowed out of the school grounds. I was so annoyed and told them in no uncertain terms that we are teachers and not students.

From the moment we arrived it was just one stalling tactic after another, endless lies and a continual runaround.

I certainly would not work for them again. I did wonder at the time why when they have so many foreign teachers they had to recruit from agencies to fill their positions. Given this performance I'm not surprised.

I'm still drained from the whole escapade.

#4 Parent Annoyed - 2017-01-28
Re Be aware of Beijing New Oriental Winter Camps

What XDF did at their winter camps was unforgivable. The downright abuse that foreign teachers endured was beyond reproach. Forced to buy rubbish canteen food at extortionate prices, left without electricity in the early evenings because it was cut off while kids were in class, restricted from coming and going as we pleased and even told when to shower. XDF have proved beyond any doubt that they put profit first and everything else second. We even had to pay for drinking water and for electricity to wash our clothes. No wifi or access to intenet was available either. They deserve to be boycotted by every foreign teacher in China for what they put us through. Low life scum is a compliment to this bunch of money grabbers. Never again, XDF, are you LISTENING?

#5 Parent Foxy - 2017-01-28
Re Be aware of Beijing New Oriental Winter Camps

Monkeys could have done a far better job, mate.

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