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Zhaowch - 2017-01-26

If you don't feel any respect (not to mention "love" in a platonic sense) for your students, you cannot be a good and successful teacher.

But remember Turnoi, the reason you failed in training centers wasn't because you didn't love and respect your students. Indeed, most foreign teachers love the students.

The reason you were dismissed from training centers and the reason you have a lifelong hatred for them is because the management disrespecting you

And this is constantly the problem and is still as bad as ever where these incompetent boobs need to disrespect the foreigners as soon as possible and really its sabotaging the students. You didn't lose any love for the actual students. You were antagonized and disrespected so constantly by jealous dullards that you started hating training centers.

And then being let go by them and deemed 'not good enough' is what broke you and when you started your lifelong campaign against Chinese training centers. (though now you insist its not 'Chinese ones' but all training centers).

It had nothing to do with your care of students. In fact, the only problem you had with students was managers interrupting, bothering you, antagonizing you and making it more difficult for you to connect with the students.

Now, if you REALLY want to get some shit from training center staff just do what I do - have a fantastic and famous relationship with your students. So that the students and parents are so happy they request you for all classes and even insist they will only attend your classes.

Now you will see some real hatred, you will get some real attitude and every turd with a training center 'title' is going to make it their mission in life to boss you around and burn in seething jealousy. Even sabotaging their own school just to get some shame culture points off of you.

Have you ever had that happen?

What is your name for fake managers. You have 'deechers' but what do you call the incompetent "managers" of those training centers? "Manaders"?

You should think of a funny term for them. "Badagers". You can think of something Im sure.

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