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Dave - 2017-01-26
In response to Re Farmingtown Academy (Joe)

Da lián, kāi fā qū, Dalian Development Zone, Jinzhou District,


It is a quiet area with mild summers.

There are a few import shops, which sell western food.

Motorcycles and street vendors are banned, so there are less bad mannered farmers in the streets.

There are a few public universities that pay a higher salary due to the location.

Summers have less pollution than other parts of China.

There is a lot of seafood. The area has many Japanese and Korean restaurants.

There are small international communities due to the foreign factories in the area.


It is one hour from downtown Dalian. All buses and trains stop before 8pm. Moreover taxis are reluctant to drive between the two locations unless you pay extra. It is an expensive area where many rich Chinese live. However the cost of living is similar to Dalian city centre.

The pollution is very bad during the winter due to central heating being activated.

The beach resort is 40 minutes away but is only open in the summer and is of very low quality. Also the sea has no waves and there are no water sports or activities.

The area is a small suburban area with many elderly people and few young people. It is a difficult area to make friends or find a single woman under 45.

The people in this part of China are not very attractive. There is no nightlife in the area apart from a few massage shops, karaoke clubs and tiny sleazy bars with a couple of 50 year old engineers as there only clients.

Local private schools are small independent businesses that have extremely high turn over of staff rates. And have a reputation for not paying teachers correctly or at all. The economy is very bad at the moment and many businesses are closing and locals are moving to other areas.

It is the area where two petroleum pipelines exploded in 2010. Also there is a power plant very close to the town centre.

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