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#1 Parent BiteyMcBite - 2017-02-08
Re: Red Flag for BiteABC

Having read the description of the arrogant little fucker who acted like he was 'granting opportunity' to foreigners and yet didn't seem to want to explain himself or answer any questions I would strongly suggest:

- Its a 'scam' of sorts in that he is really just a recruiter trying to get foreign teachers for what might be a larger company. Like someone mentioned iTutor or the likes.

He isn't actually doing 'online classes' for his school directly. He's just a guy who's learned he can get a cut for every successful recommendation that big online company hires. he might even be doing it without his company's knowledge as a sideline gig.

And one of the key tip-offs is that recruiters don't know how to talk to people, deal with foreigners and get into a real shitty 'lust' about the idea foreigners are bowing down to them and 'asking them for something'. Having 'hand' over someone and they even overplay it more because they believe if they devalue and degrade the foreigners then they can get a better price. (they don't understand foreigners don't work that way).

but putting all that aside: The fact that he didn't want to show his school or answer anyone's questions is a very sure sign he is actually working for iTutur and whatever that other group. again, just as an independent recruiter. he might eventually admit his school has a 'special partnership' but at the end of the day - you will end up doing online lessons FOR iTutor and TutorABC and Little Lord Fauntleroy won't be heard from again.

#2 Parent TickTockTick - 2017-01-26
Red Flag for BiteABC

I guess its clear to see who is being rude.

Both of you ended up being rude.

The problem is that emotionally insecure training center staff assigned to interview or manage foreign teachers start being rude from the beginning with an attitude of humiliating the foreigners.

Training center managers frequently mistake the foreigner's polite friendly attitude as 'bowing down' before them. This makes the problem worse as the staff member becomes thrilled beyond their dreams at being superior over a foreigner. They go into a kind of 'masturbatory frenzy' becoming ruder and more arrogant.

Some of them become so arrogant they say things like you did in an earlier post:

"..good experience can only give you the opportunity to prove yourself to me".

I'm not trying to be rude but that has to be one of the most arrogant things I have ever heard from a training center. I'm sorry but if you were asking for help (new foreign staff) and you were simply in the initial interview.... well, it's almost impossible to believe you are a grown adult with a job and you thought you should do that?

Honestly, If the scenario was reversed and a Chinese applicant responded to my advert. And I was representing the company and said to him.. or even had the 'attitude' like that?

My boss would walk into the office, take me into the hallway and punch me in the mouth. Then he would go into the interview room, apologize to the applicant. Then he'd ask the applicant to replace me. Because I'd be fired on the spot.

And if anyone is interested in colleborating with us, you might have a try with us

Wow thank you sir!

Hey guys, you are getting the opportunity to have a try with him!

Hopefully he allows us to do a demonstration for him and ... well. maybe he will tell us what we did wrong and what he approves of before maybe.. maybe allowing us to earn some peanuts!

I'm just worried about one thing great boss... if I hang up on you because you are reading your Wechat messages during the interview instead of paying attention - will you be upset with me for daring to be so insolent?

And are you connected to TutorABC or iTutor??

I think you've been asked that 5 times and apparently you are too important to bother answering the questions but if you can find a minute we'd like to know.

#3 Parent Zhaowch - 2017-01-26
Re it's U.S. or them

The nasty combination of arrogance and lack of awareness of 'self' is now more than a U.S stereotype, it is presidential.

It might be but as you saw in my post I'm capable of looking outward and inward. I'm aware of my 'B Game' and why and how loyalty brings out the best in people and why I return loyalty and service. Why contempt won't work and though I didn't express it to you openly I was alluding to racism and xenophobia.

So were you. even as you found a way to describe hatred for President Trump.

But if you do indeed hate the combination of arrogance and lack of self awareness then I strongly suggest you avoid the Trump administration and training centers in China. One won't cancel the other out. If anything, two wrongs will just make each other worse.

Interestingly, you could only have this conversation with another foreigner. You couldn't bring this up to anyone running a training center could you? They wouldn't even 'get' this. They literally won't know what 'self-awareness' as a term should mean. They wouldn't even understand why you are saying the words 'self-reflection'.

#4 Parent Fifi - 2017-01-26
Re: Red Flag for BiteABC

As was asked before, are you the same company as the infamous TutorABC and iTutor Group?

#5 Parent Nick - 2017-01-26
Red Flag for BiteABC

For this story, I am sure only the people who involved in the interview knew what exactly happened. And for the people who are checking this post, I guess its clear to see who is being rude. And if anyone is interested in colleborating with us, you might have a try with us to see if we are like what he said or not. Thank you, everyone.

#6 Parent Trump diplomacy - 2017-01-26
it's U.S. or them

we foreigners

1st world modern humans

I have made them unbelievable amounts of money,

they always get my 'A-Game'

It's a flaw in their culture and upbringing and they literally don't even know they are stupid assholes.

Some human beings develop the ability to observe their thought processes, to become 'self'-reflective.

Once you recognize that you yourself are often a "stupid asshole", your disdain for others is greatly diminished.

The nasty combination of arrogance and lack of awareness of 'self' is now more than a U.S stereotype, it is presidential.

#7 Parent Zhaowch - 2017-01-25
Red Flag for BiteABC

You are welcome to visit us

I have a feeling he is coming to visit you. Probably in front of your boss, other staff and students.

A good CV is a key to get the

You were being given an opportunity, faggot. You only needed to stop jerking yourself off for a minute, bow as much as he generously did to you. Instead you squandered your chance in exchange for a chance to masturbate your puerile little ego. Yuck!

We need to know a teacher if he/she is really good at teaching online

If you can't tell from video demonstrations, extended online interviews and a free 30 minute lesson to any student of your choosing then you are absolutely beyond stupid and should not be in your position. Seriously, nobody can be that stupid.

No, you were desperately wanting to see a foreigner 'answer to you' and were salivating at the idea of telling them what they did wrong and being a judge over a foreigner. Some of us have been teaching in China longer than you've been in the adult work force and know your 'shame culture' better than you do, stupid.

Online teaching is kind of different from
offline teaching

No it isn't any different. It's just far easier.

He didn't hang up on you. He waited for you to do something else but sit there getting off on your petty little power trip trying to soak up the cheap thrill of having a foreigner answer to you. Some advice: When you are told "no" the first time you say 'Okay, thank you sir'.

I guess a well educated and poilte person won't do

You guessed right. Not that you'd know a thing about being polite. You are one of the rudest Chinese he's ever seen .. and that is saying A LOT.

But worse than that, you lost your boss a lot of money. money that's going to your competition instead.

are welcome to visit us.

He's going to do a free demonstration for you in front of your boss and staff and students.

The lesson you will learn is "How a foreigner can make you lose face in public" and please know this is his specialty. He's really really good at it.

Then there is a bonus lesson after class. It's about when you sneer 'fighting words' at people and how you can make it much much worse on yourself by doubling down on it, Nicki

tick tock tick tock...

Besides, its about time someone is made to be an example. It looks like it will be you, little lady :D

#8 Parent Zhaowch - 2017-01-25
Re: Red Flag for BiteABC

Nick, is your company related to TutorABC and to iTutor Group?

Nicki came here to give instructions, judgements and some catty insults a gay foreigner trained him to say.

He is not here to answer to you.

With Nick, you speak when you're spoken to.

You get to ask a question when you are instructed to do so. Be thankful if he answers it.

Anything else is disrespectful behavior that only annoys and amuses him.

But there is something wrong with this BiteABC thing. a major red flag being totally incompetent staff like Nicki being in charge of anything important. I'm being serious now.

Yes, I know we foreigners are very used to seeing total idiots running training centers. Surely the nephew or son of someone with some guan xi but this was one of the worst I've come across. He's so stupid he's actually posting messages here just asking for more trouble.

I can't find any solid connection either but it just occurred to me that maybe TutorABC might name their online version BiteABC (computers/bits/bites sorta thing) and that this foreigner-hating plastic boyking seemed to be here already and found a new complaint about him awfully fast.. almost like he was already here monitoring other damage?

But I've started to conclude these Chinese training centers are all the same anyways. All of them are cheaters, liars and have a sick resentment of foreign english teachers.

Almost all of them are just unbelievably incompetent, they cannot figure out how to interact with other human beings and they need to steal money from you somehow. It's a criminal behavior that's entrenched in their culture.

Personally, I just had my first interview with a Korean company and its just astonishing the difference. It's like I'd actually forgotten how real adults interact or how real legitimate companies do business.

I think I forgot how normal 1st world modern humans act.

It was so refreshing to speak to someone from a higher culture that seemed self-aware, aware of other people, was able to speak and think for themselves and not like a shitty robot.

They didn't say stupid things over and over forcing me to pretend they are saying something important.

The Korean lady in charge of hiring was so gracious and respectful that - IF I work for them - I will make them truckloads of money.

Also worth mentioning, her English was excellent (fluent) and while I don't demand perfect English I would say that someone who's hiring English teachers probably should have a level beyond that of my high-school teachers.

(My Chinese is dreadful but then again I'm not in charge of judging native Mandarin speakers online Mandarin lessons)

(btw: since I'm on a rant.. I should say, in fairness, there is one company in China that has constantly treated me with equal respect (as I treat them) and never once cheated me and I can honestly say I have made them unbelievable amounts of money, tripled students in that class, they always get my 'A-Game' and you'd be shocked how little money they pay and I'm 100% happy with it)

Maybe that's the lesson here. BiteABC, TutorABC, iTutor and they might as well all be the same Chinese training centers even if they aren't officially connected they are going to be the same sick culture, the same immoral degenerates, the same liars who are always looking for a way to scam you, use you, exploit you and even believe they are 'clever' for doing so. It's a flaw in their culture and upbringing and they literally don't even know they are stupid assholes.

Duly note: I have not started working in Korea so I can't speak for every company. I only applied because some friends already moved there and basically keep informing me I'm insane to put up with this bullshit any longer. They describe it as dealing with 'adults instead of spoiled kids' and I'm just saying - so far - they seem to be right.

BTW: has anyone taught in Japan? I heard mixed reviews but most are telling me the same things - its basically real humans compared to subhumans in terms of professionalism, respect, intelligence etc?

#9 Parent Teacher - 2017-01-25
Re: Red Flag for BiteABC

And please tell: Is your company related to VIP KID?

#10 Parent Teacher - 2017-01-25
Re: Red Flag for BiteABC

Nick, is your company related to TutorABC and to iTutor Group?

#11 Parent Nick - 2017-01-25
Red Flag for BiteABC

Hi Justin Zhao, thank you for putting this in this forum. I am really happy that we can talk abou it in public.

I guess you were pissed off just because that we asked you to present us a demo lesson. You did have a rich experience in teaching offline. A good CV is a key to get the opportunity, but it does't mean everything. Online teaching is kind of different from offline teaching. We need to know a teacher if he/she is really good at teaching online, for we are responsible for the students studying at our school. You told me that you won't do demo lessons for any company in China, so we asked if you dont want to do the demo, you can send us one of your teaching videos instead. However, you hanged up the interview call on Skype directly. I guess a well educated and poilte person won't do that.

We do based in Hangzhou and we have many teachers who are colleborating with us happily. You are welcome to visit us. Have a good day.

#12 Parent DeboraK - 2017-01-25
Red Flag for BiteABC, SmileKid and Tutree

Haha that is a funny name--BiteABC.

I did some research on VIPKID (I taught for 4 months with them and they still have't paid me).
Even though it is not specifically stated but pretty sure VIPKID is also SmileKid and Tutree (They use the same slogan and similar logos).

Watch out!

AvidBoxerRebel - 2017-01-24
Red Flag for BiteABC

Calling themselves BiteABC and claiming to be out of Hangzhou. I don't know if they are connected with iTutorABC or the other X-ABC schools but this a school asking for online English teachers.

Fair warning, they've assigned a foolish fuerdai wannabe going by Nicholas L Lee and he is very full of himself, almost in masturbatory pleasure at the idea of having foreigners answer to him, put on a show for him and the worst of Chinese 'shame culture' crap. He's getting off on being a boss so intensely that he doesn't even bother reading your resume/CV or viewing video demo's. He just wants to get off on having people answer to him. I cannot say for sure he was stroking himself as the table hid areas below his waist. He will make snotty passive-aggressive insults as well.

Other big 'Red Flag' is that the creep won't volunteer any information about himself, the company or any sort of introduction. He might ask you (with attitude) "so what.. you have some questions you want to ask?" but gives short unhelpful 'instruction answers'.

Other Red Flags: website (I believe Chinese-Only but may have English option) but has quite a few 'fake photos' of their foreign teachers and by that I mean Stock Photos. Strangely having 'Bios' and names though its just an internet stock photo anyone can get.

I observed this when a friend did an online application/interview himself and to me it was very quickly obvious this Nicholas Lee was incompetent and disrespectful (he's barely 26 years old talking down to teachers who've worked longer than he's been an adult) and I told my friend to get out and drop any further application processes (especially NOT sending things like passport scans!).

Has anyone else run into this creep 'Nicholas L. Lee' (Nicholas Long Lee) and BiteABC? Apparently in Hangzhou (though they could say that and be anywhere).

And does anyone know if they are connected with the other 'ABC' schools I see have been getting massive complaints lately?

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