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Zhaowch - 2017-01-25
In response to Re: Red Flag for BiteABC (Teacher)

Nick, is your company related to TutorABC and to iTutor Group?

Nicki came here to give instructions, judgements and some catty insults a gay foreigner trained him to say.

He is not here to answer to you.

With Nick, you speak when you're spoken to.

You get to ask a question when you are instructed to do so. Be thankful if he answers it.

Anything else is disrespectful behavior that only annoys and amuses him.

But there is something wrong with this BiteABC thing. a major red flag being totally incompetent staff like Nicki being in charge of anything important. I'm being serious now.

Yes, I know we foreigners are very used to seeing total idiots running training centers. Surely the nephew or son of someone with some guan xi but this was one of the worst I've come across. He's so stupid he's actually posting messages here just asking for more trouble.

I can't find any solid connection either but it just occurred to me that maybe TutorABC might name their online version BiteABC (computers/bits/bites sorta thing) and that this foreigner-hating plastic boyking seemed to be here already and found a new complaint about him awfully fast.. almost like he was already here monitoring other damage?

But I've started to conclude these Chinese training centers are all the same anyways. All of them are cheaters, liars and have a sick resentment of foreign english teachers.

Almost all of them are just unbelievably incompetent, they cannot figure out how to interact with other human beings and they need to steal money from you somehow. It's a criminal behavior that's entrenched in their culture.

Personally, I just had my first interview with a Korean company and its just astonishing the difference. It's like I'd actually forgotten how real adults interact or how real legitimate companies do business.

I think I forgot how normal 1st world modern humans act.

It was so refreshing to speak to someone from a higher culture that seemed self-aware, aware of other people, was able to speak and think for themselves and not like a shitty robot.

They didn't say stupid things over and over forcing me to pretend they are saying something important.

The Korean lady in charge of hiring was so gracious and respectful that - IF I work for them - I will make them truckloads of money.

Also worth mentioning, her English was excellent (fluent) and while I don't demand perfect English I would say that someone who's hiring English teachers probably should have a level beyond that of my high-school teachers.

(My Chinese is dreadful but then again I'm not in charge of judging native Mandarin speakers online Mandarin lessons)

(btw: since I'm on a rant.. I should say, in fairness, there is one company in China that has constantly treated me with equal respect (as I treat them) and never once cheated me and I can honestly say I have made them unbelievable amounts of money, tripled students in that class, they always get my 'A-Game' and you'd be shocked how little money they pay and I'm 100% happy with it)

Maybe that's the lesson here. BiteABC, TutorABC, iTutor and they might as well all be the same Chinese training centers even if they aren't officially connected they are going to be the same sick culture, the same immoral degenerates, the same liars who are always looking for a way to scam you, use you, exploit you and even believe they are 'clever' for doing so. It's a flaw in their culture and upbringing and they literally don't even know they are stupid assholes.

Duly note: I have not started working in Korea so I can't speak for every company. I only applied because some friends already moved there and basically keep informing me I'm insane to put up with this bullshit any longer. They describe it as dealing with 'adults instead of spoiled kids' and I'm just saying - so far - they seem to be right.

BTW: has anyone taught in Japan? I heard mixed reviews but most are telling me the same things - its basically real humans compared to subhumans in terms of professionalism, respect, intelligence etc?

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