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manas - 2017-01-21

The school leadership is a joke. Most are clueless authoritarians scrambling to maintain the illusion that this is a school. The practices at early childhood and primary levels are shocking. Teachers are drowned in “busy work” over very long hours that are ridiculously spread out throughout the day. The concept of shifts seems beyond their comprehension. Teachers are unhappy, dissatisfied and only do what they need to do to survive. This includes neglecting basic student needs to provide admin and parents with a fake representation of what really happens in the classroom, in the form of fake grades, fake reports, and constant photos and videos posted on parent chat groups.

There is no real discipline, students are taught to respond to anger and fear, rather than developing a culture of respect. As with everything at this school, they want quick results without the diligence required to achieve it. They create a seemingly competent representation only long enough to appease visitors and IB inspections. Any teacher that tries to implement recognized behavior management strategies is quickly shut down and undermined by the local teachers and then accused of being a "bad" teacher who "doesn't know how to manage "our" kids." Students quickly pick up on the clear message that foreign teachers are not to be taken seriously.

The school principal was heard saying, "What does behaviour have to do with education?" This was in reference to some teachers advising the school that they need a clear behaviour policy.

Principals have no contact with teachers. Any communication with them has to go through several levels of lower admin, ensuring zero constructive dialogue, and distorted messages.

Enthusiastic teachers who want to contribute positively are shut down and even threatened. A simple initiative to create a handbook for new incoming teachers to help with the VERY challenging transition, because of language and location, was shut down repeatedly over the years. The foreign affairs liaison, an overall nice guy, is only there as a figurehead and he will not help with anything.

School principals and leaders are constantly sent on trips to other schools around the world, which then sends the school into a frenzy as soon as they get back, as they try to recreate what they saw without understanding the concepts behind them. They don't seem to be willing to do what is needed to provide the structure and support to make core changes. It is actually comical to see them return from trips and then send the entire school into a frenzy of "change" until the next trip comes along. They have hired many experienced, dedicated educators, but as soon as they become employees they disregard them and refuse their input and advice. You will never find a comfortable routine or flow to your teaching, because every few months there is one of those ridiculous frenzies.

Assessments are a farce. Grades are manipulated to please parents and to protect local teachers from pay deductions/loss of bonuses. The entire system is conducive to unethical practices because pay deductions and public shaming loom over teachers' heads (especially the local teachers). This place is a perfect case study of the effects of terrible management, disorganization and corruption.

Teaching couples with children were promised that their kids would receive an education when they arrived. Instead they were neglected and isolated. The school principal's reply to their concerns was, "Your kids are a minority. I can't help you." Even more ridiculous is that they were charged tuition for roaming the halls all day.

It is shocking that they have been able to fool the IBO for this long.

Late pay and pay deductions on a monthly basis are a company policy.

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