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Not impressed - 2017-01-14
In response to Real English Foshan ([poster])

I worked for the school, the owner is a bitch and her husband is her bitch. They will harass you, berate you and generally treat their teachers like shit. And yeah they will talk smack about the previous teachers.

When I first went for an 'interview' with them the owner 'broke down' and started crying - why do they all hate us - we are good people. Red flag much?

Luckily I was a part time teacher so the moment they started telling me crap like I need to make more effort, from a foreign country on holiday by the way I was like okay - see ya. Best of luck. They underpaid me anyway.

Worst school I ever worked at - God help anyone who signs a contract with them!!

Oh shit, and the bullshit continued I almost forgot.

The bloody owner went to the same gym as me. After I quit with no harsh words or drama she goes and speaks to the gym owner for a while. When I'm getting the card back she tells me I owe her 200 bucks!! What WTF??

I paid a small fortune for the gym contract and hardly go, I asked why and she just threw the card at me and waved me off like a dog. Previous to that she was super friendly, almost too friendly.

Yeah - ooh - why do that all hate me - that's why!!

You are a bitch!!!

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